Losing my will at 3:40 p.m. - 4/24/03

Some pictures:

I got this urge to get a tattoo. But, I'm under 18 with no parents or legal gaurdian willing to pay or go through humilitation of having a delinquent daughter. So, I drew a design I saw on a Henna website. Then, with the black filled in on my wrist, I got the sudden inspiration that it would look lovely with red. You can't see it in this picture, but here... look at this one:

See? I just wonder what my mom will say....

Losing my will at 3:55 p.m. - 3/28/03

Holy crap. I have a new idea. Don't you like the word 'Point'? I do, that and 'duck'. And loads of other words, but anyways... The point is, After a couple of months of no show, thanks to Depression and Hemp and what grows on Hemp and anti-agitation medication, I've finally come up with a pretty kick-ass idea. Mmhmmm...

Take some famous person's lyrics, doesn't matter whose, as long as it has different sections with a chorus and everything. So, yeah. Here's an example, I have the All-American Rejects' song 'One More Sad Song' (sad songs are always the easiest). And remember, this was my first one:

One boy, one girl, two hearts, their world
Time goes by, secrets rise
One more, sad song, tears shed, she's gone
She'd take it back, if she only could

Take what back?

All the perfect words they seem so wrong,
She's gone
You wish that you could learn to see,
The door is closed and you wish you could be…

Having sex with some hot chick?

Alone with you, alone with me
What can I do, I can not breathe
My heart is torn, for all to see
Alone with you, alone with me.

You can’t be alone if you’re together…wow, that almost sounded poetic...

Best friend, worst thing, she's been, cheating
Friend deceives, she leaves
Last date. she cries, whispers, goodbye
She walks once more, out that door

To smoke some weed.

Please stay, don't go away
The hardest thing is letting go of you
Stay, don't go away
The hardest thing is letting go of you
what can I do?

You could buy a vaporizer for her birthday… girls like those kinds of stuff.

Alone with you, alone with me, what can I do I can not see, alone with, alone with...

A huge boner and left with only resine. *sympathizes*

((i.am.extrememly.out.of.it.....whatever.it.is....and.god.this is annoying. there. fine. i am stoned. and i'm on the computer. forgive me for I may just need to go to sleep...))

Losing my will at 1:07 p.m. - 2/10/02

Two weeks from now (Feb. 21st) it will be Enthusiastic Depression's one year anniversary. I will celebrate by talking to my probation officer, and getting started on this Diversion program. They say if I complete it, I won't have the shoplifting on my record.

Hmmm... there's nothing to really update on. Go listen to some music.

"Rock the casbah, baby!!"

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