The Bastard List is basically a list of guys that I have either had crushes on or even went further than that... to actually going out with them. Eeew. Most of them I regret saying yes to...
I'll list them from first to last.

Hans- In Los Osos, he was my next-door neighbor. He's a year older than me. We used to be best friends. After I moved though, and got into the whole "boy-girl-love-crush" thing, I ended up having a huge crush on him. The last time I saw him was last year, when we were renting out our old house in Los Osos.

Cole- He was in my 2nd and 3rd grade class in Los Osos. He was basically the dream-guy of every girl in my class. I liked him for a different reason though. He gave me my first Barbie for my b-day. I never got into Barbies, but when he gave me that, I got into them. In fact, it was my favorite toy.

Mitchel- 5th grade, in San Francisco. Wow. I had a HUGE sexual attraction to him. Yes, I know I was in 5th grade. But, damn!! He looked hot in his Halloween, army get-up. Soooo hot. He was best friends with this guy Stephen, who had a huge crush on me. He, in fact, gave me a candy heart that asked me to marry him. *sigh*.... memories.

Matt- My first real boyfriend. He was romantic and was a year older than me. This was the beginning of a very long trend, that is still going on till this day. He got very jealous of me, whenever I wanted to spend time with friends, or talked to his guy friends. He had good reason though, because his friends were flirtatious. All we mainly did was talk and kiss. He was a great kisser though. We went out from 6th grade to sometime in the middle of 7th grade.

Bobby- We went out in 6th grade, while me and Matt were during some sort of little-kid break. It was a bad relationship. He was also a year older than me. He tried to get me to do things I didn't want to do, and touched me when I said no. Enough said... let's move on.

David- Woo! Although he shouldn't be put in the bastard list, he's an ex, so here he is. He is now one of my best friends. We broke up and got back together a lot From 7th grade to 8th grade. He was actually Matt's friend (also a year older than me), and that's where I met him. I went pretty far with him. I was confortable, and the first guy I told that I loved him. And it was reciprocated too. The only bad thing was the fact that he tried to get me to have sex with him, which is a very stressful thing to go through.

Sean- I also met him through Matt, but really got to know him through David. We probably went out for a month, maybe 2 months. I'm not sure. It was basically a calm, trusting relationship. We went slow, and the most we ever did was kiss. He broke up with me though.

Greg- :D Another one of the one-year-older group. Met him through David. He's a bad ass. Likes to smoke pot, although so did David. He loves to party. I never went out with him, but we did make-out this one night at farmer's market. I tend to think of him as an innocent one-night stand. Get it?

Mike- He's a year older than me. It turns out we had the same Study Center class in 7th grade, and then in 8th grade, I went to my friend Jacob's party, where I saw him. This year, we hang out a lot after school together. We went out for about 2 months. But... I made another mistake, and started going out with his best friend.

David S.- Yeah, another David. We like to get drunk with each other. And smoke dope, as my dad likes to call it. We're going out currently. I might be in love, but I'd rather not commit to saying for sure, because it's pretty new between us.

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