A Little Piece of Nothing

sit here, and stare at the screen

not knowing what to say

not knowing what to do

so i just sit here and pray

I can not find the words

to progress how i feel

and to call out for help

waiting for my pain to heal

i pick up a knife

and carve a star for the night

and carve a heart

thinking of your sight

pain comes in many forms

but it always hurts the same

it never fully goes away

and fills me with so much doubt and shame

i can't find the words to express myself

to progress how i feel

letting my emotions flow out of me

and then go to bed

to dream of when the time comes

you'll hold me in your arms

when youll kiss me when i say i love you

and protect me from harm

to dream of a world, where i am safe

at least in the comfort of the night

dreading the time the sun comes up

the bad feeling i get from it's light

saying i have to face another day

trying to get by

until i face the night again

to go where i can safely lie

where no one can reach me

and no one can hurt me

where i can get away

and allowed finally to be free.

By Johanna