My name is Ashley, and I'm 15 years old. I'm currently a freshman in high school, living in California. (It's the cheese)

I'm a dreamer. In my daydreams, I've been tons of places. Some people view me as weird, however I'm just creative. Everything around me, like school rules, is interfering with my creativeness. They try to control our thoughts. I hate my school with a passion. I tend to wander through my school day thinking up various poems and stories. I also have been declared Depressed by my psychiatrist. I've always been very intuitive and introverted, but I started getting really depressed in 8th grade. I actually started this site, when I wasn't depressed. I just thought up the name, and thought it was funny.

I'm not religious at all. I call myself Atheist, but I sometimes wonder about life after death (heaven, hell, god, and such), and so I think that I'm still trying to figure out things for myself.

I have a major trust problem. All the people in my life have left some way or another, so I tend to expect it of my friends now. I try to be open with my feelings, but I've been brought up not being able to share my emotions with others. Being a girl, this was strange to other girls. While they would pour out their soul to me, I would never do the same. Which, I guess, turned me into a very good listener.

I go through the same ordinary things that most teenagers go through. Fitting in, tryin to get good grades, being a good friend, worrying about what boys might think, and stuff like that. I don't like it when people are disappointed in me, and I often doubt myself. One of the only comforts that I enjoy is my daydreams. It's a place where I can get away from my ordinary life.

I was born in this little town San Luis Obispo. I lived there for 3 years, and then moved to Los Osos. I lived there for 3 years also, and then moved to San Francisco. We lived there for 3 years, because my mother was going to pharmacy school there. For my mother's 4th year at that school, we moved to Davis. Davis was horrible; a snotty little college town, spoiled by everyone. I lived in Davis for one year, and then we moved back to San Luis. So, I have lived here in San Luis for a little more than 2 years. I went to the Jr. High here, and started high school this year. The town is pretty cool; downtown being its main attraction. It is similar though, in the way Davis was snotty, and the kids here are closed-minded and preppy.

I love music. I listen to punk, rock, and alternative rock. All kinds. Some examples: Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Alice In Chains, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Collective Soul, The Doors, Bad Company, The Queers, Ash, Soundgarden, Saliva, Queens of the Stone Age, Billie Holiday, Badly Drawn Boy, The White Stripes, The Strokes, Normalcy, The Vines, The Hives, Green Day, Homegrown, Eve 6. I've been getting into some classical music lately though, which is strange. I don't know. It's hard to describe how it makes me feel. Kind of reminicent.

I try to not care what people think of me, but end up failing miserably. The truth is, I care a lot. It's sad, but true.

My family. Well, I live with my mom and dad (Robin and Rick). I have one younger brother, Cullen. My mom is a pharmacist, and my dad is an x-ray tech. My brother is a year younger than me, and is a pain in the ass, like all younger siblings. He is obsessed with videogames. It is what he speaks, breaths, and dreams of. We adopted a puppy. Her name is Odessa. She is part german-shepard, part chow, and is as cute as can be. We also have 2 cats, Grey and Pepper. They're both pretty strange.

*sigh* It's stressful writing all about yourself.

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