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How To Use Paint BBS
Brush1: You can change the pen to Solid (Plain), Water (Water colour) or Text by clicking on theicon.

Brush2: You can use Tone ,Shade Off, HLight ,Dark by clicking on the icon.

Graphs: You can use Circle, Rectangle, Oval etc.

Special: You can Copy, Antialias, ReverseLR ,ReverseUL, Incline the image

Line Selection: You can rather use FreeLine, Straight line, or Bezie line.

Mask + etc: Normal, Mask, ReMask , And, Div.

Change Colour (RGB): Change colours by moving the bar.

Denser/Less Denser: When you move the grayish bar, you change the denser or less denser of the tone.

Brush Sizes: Change the sizes of the brush by moving up and down where it says "1 px".

Clear: Clear the Oekaki Board.

Send: Send your work to the BBS!