Ground Zero

The main floor of the house. Where most of the activity takes place. They say pictures are worth a thousand words so there are some here of the rooms of the house.

The front entry.

The Formal Dining Room.

The Living Room.

1877 Victoria Steinway in Rosewood. In Living Room. Before resortation.

After restoration. Tiberius's Mothers Piano.

The Kitchen.

The Family Room.

The Masterbedroom.

The Masterbathroom.

This work is around all the doorframes on the main floor.

Four of these chairs can be found in the living room.

This is on one of the tables in the living room.

Chairs like these are around the study as well as big high backed red leather.

The chairs turn into steps like this.

Bradbury House

Main Floor

Second Floor


Guest Houses

Brianna's Life

Vital Bri Dates