Katalina Michelle Noctourne Nightborn Dragoon. Once the mortal daughter or Eric and Michelle she is now Ravnos. Jason Ice Dragoon granted her the blood of Caine. The mortal blood now gone but the ties to her sisters are still there. The eldest child, Bridget Katrina Lockley. The second daughter Damienna Lockley Noctourne, so many names so many ties. Nightborn being the family name, Noctourne being the maiden name of their mother, Lockley being Bridget's story to tell. The one thing that ties them is the heart shaped birthmark on their right shoulder blade. Most of the woman of the family bear the same mark. She keeps to the way of the Ravnos by wrapping the wealthy and powerful around her beringed finger. Taking them in with her achievments. She is paid to do what she loves, pulling off some of the biggest heists ever heard of. Succeeding in most cases without blood shed, she strives to keep herself in top shape. Becoming known as the best in her business, she keeps herself busy either stealing or selling what she stole to the highest bidder. Dabbling here and there in the real-estate business just to keep herself looking above board. Her business suits keep thoe from doubting her but most comfortable in her saris or jeans and a mans shirt knotted at the waist when she is not doing "business". Affecting a facade of enlightenment and serene wisdom, mixed with hints of sensuality. In other words, exactly what most people want. Prophetic, helpful, and charming, so long as there is something to milk from the person whom she is "enlightening".

"To obtain true enlightenment you must renounce the things of the world, bequeathing your possessions to one of the Seven-and-Seventy Immortal Asuras, who will use them in the pursuit of righteousness"