Vital Data

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Vital Data/Time Line:

Given Name: Rochelle Yvette Marie DeAngelo Grey

Father: Antonio Lucas DeAngelo

Mother: Yvette Marie DiAngelo

Brothers: Marco, Anthony, Devon, Sebastian, Michael, and Kristian

Childhood Mentor: Vincent "Vinnie" DeAmato

Commonly Known Persona: Brianna DeAngelo

Common Nickname: Given by her grandsire..Alesandese..Defender of mankind.

Place of birth: Bari, Italy July 7th

Date of death:

Apparent Age: 19 Years old..

True Age: 74 Years Old


Bari, Italy July 7, 1930

1946- At 16 raped by her father and brother, went on for like a year before she spoke about it..

1947- At 17 Vinnie took her in..

1948- 18 Vinnie died and she left Bari.

1948-1950 France- Paris, Limoges, Strasbourg, Nice, Marseille.

1951-1953 New York

1953- Aspen Colorado – Sired by Celest Wilde, Met AJ, her grandsire and spent sometime with them.

1954 – Ghouled Darien

1955 – Met Chris and had her heart broken for the first and last time, or so she thought.

1955- 1960 Traveled around keeping in touch with AJ mostly, sometimes traveling with him.

1960- Back to Bari, running into one of her brothers and siring him. Michael (Angel ). Traveled Italy for the year. Rome, Naples, Venice

1961- Back to Aspen, meeting Cassandra Walker, they became close.

1961- Killed Angel in a fit of rage one night. He messed up and brought the Sabbat to her door.

1961- Went back to school for a time, meeting Damien. A professor who she sired eventually.

1961-1963- Egypt- Met and sired Kaleb-Traveled thru Cairo and the areas there.

1964 –1967- Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Texas, She covered the states in those three years.

1967-1969- Russia- Moscow, St. Petersburg, Poland, Sweden, Finland.

1970-1974-Traveled around Romania,-Bucharest, Sibiu,. Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland

1974-1980-Portugal- Beja, Faro, Lisbon. Spain –Madrid, Leon, Sevilla, Malaga. Morocco- Rabat, Casablanca

1981-1983- Ireland- Dublin, Tullamore, New Ross

1984-1986-Canada-Ottawa, Quebec, Regina, Calgary

1987-1989-Australia- Sydney, Canberra, Darwin.

1990-1994-Algeria, Libya, Nigeria, RD Congo, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, Madagascar

1995-1998- Colombia-Bogota, Pasto, Mitu, Cucuta. Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru

1999-2000- Back in the states in Aspen with Cass.

2000 February - California to find AJ. He was killed the first night she was back.

2000-2004- Under different Princes in the area until Dmitri took it, she worked for him until he was killed in August of 2003. Losing William Van Dorn soon after that because he feel to the beast after Dmitri’s death. Going into her shell basically, she saw Simon and a couple people after the loss of those two men. 2004-Los Angeles

Travels: Bari, Italy


New York


Aspen, Colorado

San Diego, California

Background…. Full background coming in another document..

A lineage list tracing back as far as your character would know… In the Beginning there was Caine, Caine begat Irad, Irad begat Brujah, Brujah begat Troile, Troile begat Menele, Menele begat Critias, Critias begat Damien, Damien begat Alexander J Wilde, Alexander begat Celest, Sarah, Alexa and Vance, Celest begat Brianna, Brianna begat Michael, Darien, Damien, and Kaleb


Political in LA

Street in LA

Princes she has been under in the last years.:

Yan Von Strauss

Nathaniel Cross

Seth Lauren

AJ Wilde-Imperial Prince at the time

Michael Anderson-

Michael Shrek-

Mayfair Chival-

Johnathon Summers-

Dmitri Michailovic-

Roger Kelly-

Jeane Gunn-

Tommy Redstream Diamond-

Roger Kelly again

Randal Two Crows Laughing

Big Daddy Diamond

Xavior Swampy

Achan Wotan

Jasin Natael.

Eric of Tribe Omaha-

John Smith Diamond-

Spicy Nipple-

Julian DeMonacco-

Bradbury House

Main Floor

Second Floor


Guest Houses

Brianna's Life

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