Welcome to our Home

Nestled into the hills in Bradbury, California. Finding your way to us is a long and windy path. Up serpentine streets until finally you find yourself between Bliss Canyon Road and Woodlyn Lane. Its a small street to find us but when you do its worth it.

The elegant two story home sits on 20 acres of land. When you first arrive you will notice the house sits back about 400 feet. There is a line of cypress trees on the right, left, and back sides. The end of all the land goes off into the hills. The front of the house is protected by 10 foot tall hedges. There is a cinder block wall behind those hedges.

The front entrance is flanked by two stone pillars. On top of the pillars sit dragons, seeming to protect the entrance. The gate swings open only after you have called up to the house to get permission to enter. It is voice recognition as well as a camera that checks to see who is there. If you live there you have a key card but you still must be allowed entrance by the house.

The gate itself is a solid piece of metal. Etched on the gate to one side is a large jacuar, laying on its side. On the other is a wolf, standing head lifted baying up at the moon, it would seem. The words K.Locke Wildlife Preserve are etched across the top of the gate as well.

Bradbury House

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