Patio and Pool Area

The patio is off of the back of the house, wrapping around to the right to where the pool and hot tub are. There is a firepit with carved wood chairs around it as well as some lounges with many plush cushions on them. The patio itself is all stone work.

The entire pool area is surrounded by trees and shrubs so that the backhouse's are not disturbed by frockling in the pool and vice versa. It is an intended world of quiet and serenity yet comfort if you wish to sit and play with friends.

Another section of the patio.

The main entrance to the pool.

A closer look at the waterfalls.

The caves that are behind the waterfalls.

The deep end of the pool, near the hottub.

The hot tub area.

The fire pit near the hot tub area.

Personally made chairs around the fire pit, there are three.

Another style of same chair, there are three.

The pathway leading down into the back acreage, the stable, the wild animals, and the backhouses are there.

Bradbury House

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Second Floor


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