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Vital Data/Time Line:

Given Name: Alexandria Renee Nicole Anastasia San Sebastian

Father: Count Alexander Randolph San Sebastian

Mother: Countess Nicole Anastasia Renee Garington San Sebastian

Commonly Known Persona: Alyssa Renee Garington

Christening of the House: Alesandese…Defender of mankind.

Tenth Generation Toreador belonging to House Viper.

True Age: Two Hundred and forty-seven yet she looks twenty four.


Place of birth: Serpa, Portugal on the seventh day of June, Sixteen seventy-five

Date of death: Seventh day of February, Sixteen Ninety-nine


1679 to 1685 Traveled through and around Portugal.

1685 to 1688 Traveling into Spain and Russia, learning the different cultures with her great-grandmother.

1688 to 1697 Spent time training to become a Countess. Age 16 to 18 was a turning point for her.

1697 to 1699 Time was spent in England and France.

February 7, 1699 Taken into the world of darkness.

1699to 1775 traveled and trained with her sire Ryan Kiely and her “brother” Valiant whitacker.

1776 to 1856 Sent to America to study for a time, traveling extensively through the states.

1856 to 1926 Trapped with a Gangrel on a small island in the Pacific.

1926 to 1941 Back to Portugal

1941 to present. Back to the states, San Francisco, Hollywood, Los Angeles..


Alexandria was born into the world of Count’s and Countess’s, she lived her life with royality..Having Aunts and Uncles that held positions of honor in courts of old…She understood from an early age that dignity, stature, station in life was the key to success. Taught from day one to be the reigning Countess after her mother was gone she was put through all of the training and etiquette it takes to make a fine lady. As a small child she always heard the words "You are part of greatness, Alexander and Nicole created you and in you flows the perfection of each of them".. That was so much for her to undertake, the perfect child, the perfect lady…She could make no mistakes. At least none that she could be blamed for…During her childhood she developed a passion for jewels, the magnificence of the pieces her mother, aunts, cousins wore fascinated her to no end…She wanted to touch, hold, covet the pieces yet when she tried to look at them, wear them she was always told no…She would sneak into her mothers suites while she was out and sit in rapt fascination, staring at the beauty of the jewels…Pieces started turning up missing, no one thought to blame the child for this, they blamed the servants…She felt bad when they were punished, she knew it wasn’t their fault but she couldn’t speak, she couldn’t give the jewelry back…It was to much for her…To try to make up for it she would help them with chores, keeping her rooms clean so that they didn’t have as much work…She spent a lot of time in the kitchens with the cooks, the maids, the stables with the boys there…She was fascinated by the way they spoke, carried themselves…She didn’t understand why they were so looked down upon…They had as much heart as her father, as much grace as her mother yet, they were so much less then they…Her father tried to understand her need to be around the servants but he couldn’t, her mother punished her every time she caught her with them…Only fueling the fire the child felt at the injustice of it all…When she turned ten she started traveling the country with her Great-Grandmother Anastasia… Annie was the one woman who understood her granddaughters needs…She knew of her passion for the lower classes, she knew of her passion for jewelry also, she just didn’t know how deep it truly was…Annie understood how hard it was to always be wonder child and perfect, she allowed alex the freedom to play and explore other things…One night after Alex turned thirteen Annie passed away in her sleep causing so much grief that she pulled into herself and wouldn’t speak for two months…Alex walked around in a daze and simply spent her time alone, reading…During this time she spent many hours wandering the streets and visiting shops where jewelry was made, she found herself sketching things more and more, pieces she would make, things she would like to wear…She also took to breaking into those shops and stealing the rarer pieces…It was also during this time that she was passed off to a woman of great strictness, Helga was to take her and make her a Countess..

It was in Russia that she met her greatest friend, a lowly stable boy in the eyes of everyone else, but to Alex he was so much more. He spoke to her of the repression of the under classes, the lack of education, training,respect…Bastin St Claire, became her mentor, her tutor so to speak in how to be non-nobility. He took her to gathering of servants, he introduced her to drinking with the boys. She told him of her great passion for jewels and a partnership was born..Bastin knew how to sell the pieces she had taken and who needed the money the most…So he introduced her to the street life, fencing of stolen goods, and then once it was done, he helped her make sure that the needier families were given the money. Somehow, they never did get caught and no one knew where the families were getting the help from…From the time she was thirteen till sixteen the two of them made sure that whatever city they were in, the families that needed the most help received it. Small museums, displays and the like reported missing treasures but nothing ever came of it...She understood both sides of life better now...The upper and lower class, being repressed because of lack of money or station...Her obsession lead her to play middle man between the rich and the poor...She knew she was taking chances with her life and Bastin’s but it didn’t matter to either of them as long as the families had food, clothing and warmth…Until she was sixteen this relationship went on. Then suddenly she found herself thrown onto an emotional roller coaster like no other…She fell in love with Bastin, and he with her…Bringing something more to what they had, the price they were paying…Alex’s family never finding out about Bastin, he wouldn’t allow it until he could walk into her parents home and ask for her hand without them looking down on him…She would wait, forever it seemed at times…

The family moved to England at this time and things changed even more for her…Bastin able to move with them, loyal servant that he was…He tended her fathers horses like no other…For the next four years she spent time studying under some of the finest teachers, she was asked to attend more and more social gathering and her father presented her to the court of England…She faired well and had many a fine man seeking her hand, but her heart belonged to one…Still at night sneaking out and spending time on the streets with her true love, they started to find that someone was attempting to stop their tactics of helping the poor…Bastin was beaten to near death on more then one occasion while trying to sell the jewelry she had acquired…Things were looking glum for them both when her father one day walked into the stable and caught them kissing…At the age of twenty it just wasn’t done, she was considered one of the finest woman around, a family many were fighting to get into and this scandal would ruin her if it got out…The Count made it into something more then it was and wouldn’t listen to Alex when she tried to explain that she as in love with the man, that he was in love with her…Her fathers words were that he was in love with her money…he tried to tarnish the love that they had by berating Bastin for being nothing, for never being able to be anything…Banished into her rooms, she felt her heartbreaking…No one came to her to offer their advice, no on would even look at her…It was if she had the plague and wasn’t even there…The servants treated her differently even…If only they knew…Everything seemed to be dying down and suddenly her cousin told another Counts son what had happened…Henry, believed this gave him the right to accost Alex one night while she walking in the rose gardens of the estate…As her dress was torn from her body she felt Henry being pulled off her and when she looked up it was Bastin…He beat Henry into a bloody mess and left him laying there…Terrified she sat in stunned silence and then the worst thing occurred, her father and about ten of his men appeared…They looked around and made assumptions, her father kneeling by her side, speaking to his man in rapid fire Portuguese, telling them to take Bastin in custody…She screamed no and tried to get her father to understand but he wouldn’t, she tried to explain that it had been Henry that had attacked her and tried to rape her…Her father wouldn’t listen…She watched as Bastin was taken away in chains,her heart once again breaking…She was led into the estate and to her room, a doctor called for and given a sleeping medicine…

Twenty and such scandal following her already, what was to become of the Countess DeSan Sebastian now ? Alexander choosing to send her away, to America, away from everything, she heard the rumors though of Bastin’s death being ordered…She had to stop it, then they could run away together…She took everything she could and paid the best men to help her, street wise men, men of no honor according to her father but she knew different…The night arrived and she went with the men…Covered and bound, dressed like a man she fought her way into the jail and to the cell she knew Bastin was being held in…The door opened and she saw him, he saw her and jumped, she spoke quickly and they made their way hand in hand to the outside again…Only to be stopped by the attack from behind…Bastin falling to his knees the blood pouring from him as she watched in horror…She dropped to his side and held him while the battle raged on, her men versus theirs, the leader screaming at her to run…She looked to her love, his eyes bright in the darkness, his final words to her ones she shall never forget "Remember our love, remember the life, live for me".. His last breath taken and let out as she cried over him…Then suddenly the pain struck, she was slashed with a sword and the leader of her men picked her up and she saw only darkness…She awoke a few hours later with her stomach and arm bandaged, Greg standing over her with sadness in his eyes…She moved to stand up and he simply watched her as she walked out of his home and back to hers…Her grief so deep that nothing could break it…Over and over Bastin’s voice in her ears, remember…She would remember always…Over the next two years she was once again the perfect daughter for all intents and purposes…The only strange thing in life was the constant reports of break ins, many thefts, nightly it would seem of some of the finest jewelry houses around…No one knew what was happening, no clues were left and no end was in sight…She knew though, she was the reason for it…

Her parents pushing for her to choose a husband, she fought them silently…No man could claim her heart, no one could replace the love that still burned there…Her mother passed away suddenly, no reason, no explanation the doctors said she just gave up…Alex suddenly finding herself the Dowager Countess…The push to take a husband becoming even greater now…She couldn’t though, it was against everything she believed in…

One night she was out during one of her raids and she stumbled onto something that would greatly change her life forever…Depressed and pushed to make choices she didn’t wish to make she took one to many chances while attempting to break into another museum. She triggered the guard’s attention when she slipped on a rug that was lying there. Could it be that she was getting sloppy, could it be that she just didn’t care anymore. The fight started and she was greatly wounded.Crawling almost back to her room she sighed as she made her way into an alley and stumbled against the wall there. Looking around she slipped to her knees and started to cry softly. She was taking her dagger out and running it across her wrist when she heard a soft noise. Looking up there was a man, cloaked in blackness, darkness hiding his features from her. She shivered and prepared to scream when he was upon her. The dagger grabbed and hurled away. He spoke her name as if he knew her. She looked at him and bade him to leave her and he wouldn’t, he spoke of a different life. She wanted no part of life at all. She wanted death and Bastin again. Quickly moving to where he had thrown the dagger she grabbed it and plunged it into an already bleeding wound in her chest, hoping for death. The last thing she saw was he moving to her and pulling the dagger free. A gentle caress to her cheek, then exquisite pain. Awakening sometime later she found herself in a room covered from light, the man sitting at her side, her hand in his. She looked at him and snarled. Sitting up though,it took to much effort. He started talking to her of the things she would now learn, the things he would show her. The gifts she was being granted. She was dazed by it all and simply laid there looking at him. He told her to rest and it would all become clearer in time. For the next few years’ things changed for her. She became something so much more then she was before. Ryan’s guidance and caring did wonders for her yet the longing for the love lost never left her.

Taken under the wings of an angel of sorts. She learned all he had to offer. The camarilla, the Traditions, the laws, the way of life. Her love of art thrived, her knack for spotting only the best jewels heightened. She became even better at procuring the things she wanted without ever running into trouble like the last time. Seventy-six years spent with Ryan.

Then she was on her own. Off he sent her to America to learn things there for awhile. She thrived once again. Making a name for herself as one of the best jewelry designers around in that time. She started using Alyssa Garington at this time though; it wouldn’t do for a Countess to be running around doing the things she did. Eighty years in the states and she ran across a man who wanted her for his own. She knew he was kindred, of what clan though she couldn’t say,he wouldn’t say. She spent months fighting off his advances, then one night just before dawn he caught her alone in her workshop. She wouldn’t agree to be his so he grew angier and angier. Yes even after all this time Bastin was who her heart beat for. Her sire gone, disappeared for all she knew. She was left alone to fight this menace, and she fought well until he attacked her with his claws. She has never seen them before from him and in that instant everything fell together for her. He was Gangrel and he wasn’t letting her go. He drove as take into her heart and carried her from her workshop. Sadly enough she spent the next seventy years trapped with this beast on a small island somewhere. He kept her prisoner, never letting her leave without him, only enough blood to keep her alive so to speak.When he couldn’t be with her, he left her staked. Gregory Black, the monster who made her see the other side to being kindred. Hatred for Gangrel, yes she developed a huge one.. Vengeance, for the wrongs done to her, yes. She wanted to meet that final death but something Ryan taught her made her stay alive, she was’t giving in to this man ever. One night he made a mistake, he left her alone with a guard for the fourth time in a row. This guard easily swayed by her beauty and her charms helped her to escape once Gregory had laid her to rest. In the hour just before dawn she waited and once the sun rose she watched from a darkened corner as her rescuer let the sun hit Gregory. She watched him ignite into flames and her soul felt a great sadness. To lose a life, but to gain her own, she had to do it. He would have never let her rest. She slept until the darkness again, her body tired, her mind free, her spirit soaring.She made her way from the island thinking that things couldn’t have changed that much, but she was wrong. She was trapped through the war. Making her way back to Portugal she found solace in her homeland again. Healing from her trials, relearning her jewelry making skills, enhancing them, making them greater. The man who saved her staying at her side, becoming a valuable asset to her...Randall, he would take care of the things she couldn’t being kindred.He became one of her most trusted ghouls. She watched the world go through another war, doing what she could along the way.

The end of the war saw her return to the states. Traveling everywhere, San Francisco, Hollywood. She ended up in Orange County. Losing contact with her sire for what seems like forever. She knows somewhere, they will meet again.

What others would know of this character….

If they had been around long enough they would know her true name of Alexandria renee Nicole San Sebastian…They would know her for her ability of making stunning pieces of jewelry that generally are made to fit the person they are given too…She carries herself always like a lady in public and she finds ignorance and unmannerli ess uncalled for…Most would know she would rather it not be public that she was/is a Countess. The family estates still exist in portugal, Russia, and Spain...She visits there often...She goes by Alyssa mainly in public, she feels its safer and the Anarchs would frown upon her being a Countess..

What direction and goals this character has within the clan…

Alyssa wants to bring the beauty of Clan Toreador to those who wouldn’t generally have a chance to witness such things…She wants to bridge the gap between the camarilla and the Anarchs and the Elders and the Neonates…She believes in a lot of the Toreador ways but she finds some lack the true style that should be there, inner beauty should count for something also. Passion comes in many forms..

A lineage list tracing back as far as your character would know…

;In the beginning, there was Caine. Caine beget the First Born, and the FirstBorn's name was Enoch. Enoch beget Arikel, and Arikel beget the Twins. The twins, being more one than two, beget Echolalia, who was more two than one. She beget Ariadne, Orphne, and Tartarus. Ariadne beget Eucharistus and Yanka.Tartarus beget Empusas, Acheron, and Erebus. Eucharistus, due to his madness,beget no one. Before his demise, Yanka beget Antigone and York. Empusas begetSammael, Sauli, and Grace, angels all. Antigone beget Ryan Kiely, the Byzantine poet, whose name is stuck from these records, Alister Pontmercy, Ziya Zafar,Vernardos, Megaera, who's revenge is far known, and Kerina, the black widow.The Byzantine poet begat Nina Vitesse, for it was Antigone's desire, Levina,and Shivaya."


Alyssa grew up in the height of richness, she knows both sides though because of the love she found on the streets…She wants to bridge the gap between the opposing forces, be it the rich and poor or now with her embrace the Cam and the anarchs…. She speaks well with all classes and she finds that her love has given her insight many do not have…She believes in loyalty above all else and that first loyalty needs to be to what you believe in…


Alyssa has amassed through the years amazing underworld contacts who can buy and sell anything she needs…She uses these contacts to fence stolen jewelry…She also assists any in need in acquiring passports, paperwork, or any thing of that sort that are needed so they may be safe…. She has gained a great understanding of security and how those systems work, there isn’t much that she cant bypass at this time…She has police ties all over the world, vast media connections...

Her haven has yet to be found..

She has a three ghouls, Randall who works at her right hand always…Sylvia who is her secretary and then Max who is her guard…

Contacts on the police departments, sheriff, and highway patrol in Orange County, Los angeles County and San Bernardino…

She has small contacts in most of the newspapers in the area so she is alerted about robbery stories and things…