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You are now in the zone... welcome.. sit down and stay for a while.. this is now your outlet to the madness of the underground music scene as well as a buffer for the mainstream. Our primary mission is to shine the light on bands that are worthy of praise mainly in the underground scene and are in search of a broader medium in which to get the word out about them.

Believe it or not our Headquarters is based in the Hip Hop Dominated Bronx, NYC... it is here that we have set up shop because it was here that we got our first taste of Hardcore Music, and believe us... it still lives here, albeit covert and undetected... but now it has a chance to shine... and with awesome support from bands in the surrounding counties... Mindscape will be bringing you the best the New York-Metropolitan area has to offer. Check back in a few days for the latest reviews, interviews and news of your favorite up and coming Heavy Metal, Goth, Emo, Punk, & Hardcore bands!

If there are any bands that want to get their music reviewed or to set up an interview or to find out about submitting MP3's, pics and bios email Khal at: MINDSCAPE K22@aol.com.

Any bands that would like to be featured on our site, or to have your artwork showcased on our site contact the Webmaster, Giancarlo at: MINDSCAPE G12@aol.com

Thanks for your support and and we hope that you enjoy the site and just so you know... being members of a band ourselves, we feel we can relate better to the needs of bands and the wants of the public so we hope you can appreciate what we are trying to accomplish!! Ciao!!