Former guitarist and vocal for Kittie, Fallon Bowman has started a new project that has a unique industrial sound and is indeed something new to check out. Introuducing Amphibious Assault, a new Idea from Miss Bowman that she had burning for a long time and now she has the chance to do it. I had the pleasure of interveiwing Fallon and talking about her past with Kittie and her new adventure with Amphibious Assault. Her single "Searchlight" is the begining of the journey and you may check it out on her site.

Khal: Tell us how Amphibious Assault was formed and what inspired you to acquire such a name for the band?

FB: Well Amphibious Assault was formed in August of 2001 while I was on a plane to visit my friend in Jersey. I was reading this book on the marine corps, and it was talking about an amphibious assault, which is a military tactic. I thought that was so cool and clever for a band name. Its a perfect name for a industrial group.

Khal: Give us a brief description of the members of the band and what do they play?

FB: Uh its just little ole me. I do vocals, guitars and programming/sampling. I enjoy long walks on the beach..

Khal: Who would you say is the inspiration to your vocal style?

FB: What a great question. um..david gahan from depeche mode. I absolutely adore his voice. Its so beautiful, melodic, sexy.

Khal: What type of sound can we expect from Amphibious Assault? Heavy--Mellow?

FB: It will be heavy, but not guitar heavy. It will be in your face, really synthy, but still pretty pounding stuff. Hopefully it will be the type of stuff you have never heard before.

Khal: The song "Searchlight" is a very good song. Is there a story behind that song? Is it about anyone? And what kind of response are you getting from the public about your project and the song?

FB: Thank you. Well, the song is a protesters point of view. The "searchlight" is the truth, raining down on the perps of what the protesters are against. When I was writing it, i was thinking of this barren, post apocolyptic land in which the government is corrupt and corporations are corrupt as well. Then there are the people that are standing against it, who wish to bring the light of truth, illuminating the corruption. The response has been very very positive. I am quite pleased with it.

Khal: How close is Amphibious Assault in getting an album out and are there any labels talking to you yet?

FB: Well, I am almost done 9 songs. I have 3 to fully complete first, and then I have to record vocals for some of them and shit. That will all be done in late august, and that is what I will shop around to labels. I would really like to be on a label by the end of this year, if I get signed. If not, well hey, I tried!

Khal: Who have you been listening to in your CD player for the past couple of days?

FB: The Prodigy's "Music for a Jilted Generation." Its an amazing record, one of the best techno records I have heard in a while. Depeche Mode's "Songs of Faith and Devotion" a girl group from Russia called "Tatu" they absolutely rule and of course, VNV Nation's latest, "Futureperfect".

Khal: Were those artist that you was listening to an influence to you musically?

FB: Well, AA is a culmination of every type of electronic music I have ever listened to. However, when I saw VNV Nation in concert in Montreal, something clicked in me. I was so inspired by their performance I wrote many of the songs then that will appear on the album.

Khal: Here's a silly question.....When Amphibious Assault starts to tour is it a possibility that we may here the song "Choke" or is that impossible because it's a Kittie song, even though you sing it?

FB: (laughing) maybe I will remix it. but i highly doubt that would ever happen.

Khal: Did you feel you were being held back when you was with Kittie? If so, is that why you formed Amphibious Assault..for a sense of freedom?

FB: I knew that the stuff that was in my head could never be used in Kittie. Amphibious Assault is something that I have always wanted to do, just never had the chance to. Now I have the chance. And I'm going for it!

Khal: In my opinion their guitarist Jeff will never replace you, you were great and everyone around the world, especially here in New York loves you. Some were a little disapointment when we heard the news but knew you had something planned and ready to rise to the top again as your own leader. Do you at the least bit miss the life you had with Kittie?

FB: Yes. It was probably some of the best times in my life, I will never forget the times I had with those three girls, they were like sisters to me. But times have changed, and life goes on.

Khal: Has any of the local bands in your area or mainstream bands that you use to tour with in the past given you support and helping you in whatever you need to give your project a push?

FB: No. In London there is no industrial scene whatsoever and other bands that I used to tour with I don't really talk to anymore.

Khal: Have you heard from Talena since she left Kittie, if so what is she doing now musically?

FB: I talk to her all the time. I love the girl to death. I think she might be planning to do something, but she didn't really divulge any information to me yet.

Khal: What tips or "words of wisdom" can you give the young women out there who are trying to make a name for themselves in this male dominated industry?

FB: Oh god, please don't give up. The industry is littered with this chauvinist assholes and they are always going to try and make you feel little and worthless. Just don't forget what your mission is, to rock their fuckin socks off, so be a woman and make him shake in his calvin kleins. Men can be assholes, but women can be bitches. There is NOTHING more frightening then a woman on a mission.

Khal: Well Fallon, thanks for doing this interveiw and I wish your new project the best and hope to see you on tour soon.

FB: Thanks so much Khal!

Fallon Bowman/ Amphibious Assault July 17, 2002

"Advocating Social Unrest"

Amphibious Assault