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Updated: 10/18/02
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Alrighty, if you want to see some bad ass artwork by a bad ass guy click on this link
Brandon's Bad Ass Art Work!

My friend Brandon is one of the best artists I know personally, so you should really check this showcase of his work out! And feel free to join the site and post some good comments to him. I will...look for Blockhead24!!! See ya

Some words of inspiration for you all! A nugget of knowledge if you will. Sorry, I have been taking these wise words to heart, and that is why I haven't updated in a while. Eventually I will get around to fixing this place up and shit. I am in school now, so I have a bit more time!


I am slow updating, I know, bad Jill, but personal life has been havoc for a bit, and I have been busy at school and work and such. I was going to make this longer, but I have some work to do. Anyway, my main reason for this was AEROSMITH is ICONS!!!! It will be showing on MTV at like 8:00 p.m. central time so check it out dudes!!! Ta ta for now

Well well well, looks like it is update time again. Spring Break for me will be starting in about an hour and a half and I am doing nothing!!! WOoHOo Actually, I plan on making bunches of money for summer, yeah!! Now I must hope that my plan will go through!!!
Notice the funny pictures I am placing so cautiously throughout here! Do you like!? lol
Ok, last one! I know a lot of girls that know some men that need that Ok, I am fine really. Actually, you know I am not, but that's ok! I have "Bad Medicine" by Bon Jovi stuck in my head, and I am about 2 seconds away from bashing my skull in...ahhhhhhhhhhh
It will be alright. I want ice cream... Oh yeah, btw, check out the ministries page, I updated it. I also added my sensei's web page link, so you can check out what I do in my spare time!

Woohoo, go me, update time. I had to have a cool picture to go with my update, so how is that!!!! I like it anyway. Or I mean, no I don't!

Hmmmm...want to join our cult? It's call the "The Dark Ministries" I am a minister there and it's going to be totally cool. We already have 38 followers. Contact me and we will number you and you will become one of us. Only stipulation, you can't suck. And if you do, you become a sacrifice, so it's win/win either way!!! Just pray we don't think you suck!

Last night was so nice outside. We, (Loco and I) played outside all night. We got really big balls (sick, bouncy balls out of a toy machine) and were bouncing them in the Best Buy's parking lot. It was fun!!! Then we went to the park and played and colored with chalk. It was some beautiful artwork we created. Then we met up with 2 of Loco's old friends and went out to a covered bridge and caused mischief there!

I am now in heaven!!! Jay and Silent Bob are all mine! Well, Silent Bob is cool, but I am totally lusting after Jay. He is just ... Yeah. Sad thing is, I dated a guy just like that for a VERY SHORT period of time, and that didn't work out. I suppose it's the whole Hollywood infatuation thing going on, you know, like my obsession with Joe Perry and Steven Tyler!!! Anyway, I am done for now!

How is this for a change?
Well, Well, Well, was I missed. Doubtibly for my site hasn't been hit all that much. Oh well, what can I expect for a small time site. In fact, I am probably talking to myself right now, so that is ok. Then, with that being the case, you won't mind my cheesy 80's cartoon theme I am about to embark on!!! Hmmm, maybe I will clean up this page a bit too! Updates galore and more to come as I get time!!!

Oral Sex Donations AcceptedNow I want everyone to click on the link and make a nice donation. All procedes go to the blockhead24 fund! What a better cause than that?!?! Really, go on, don't be shy, make the donation and you will be loved!