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Harmonizing Vision

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Decay and alleyways; an underground world now exposed. A city cannot be fully understood without feeling it from the rooftops and below the streets. By this, I would like for the viewers of my work, to experience city life in a new way and to discover things they may not otherwise have found. I often use techniques, such dodging and burning, which will add to an already accomplished mix.

I also enjoy developing pictures with high contrast, using various filters, since I try to stay away from having an excess of gray tones. Stumbling into photography was an eye-opening experience, since at that point, I had absolutely no intention of becoming a photographer. At the beginning of second semester of my freshman year, I first realized that photography was something which excites me. After five semesters of photography at my high school, I am fully able to feel what it was like to take a quality picture. Although, my work has never been perfect, I feel that I have accomplished my goal, learning the craft that excites me most.

My Work...

Into the Chasm

Accent To…

pillar of the Ages

Flowing consciousness

In the Maze

Below the 'L'

Stream of Energy

River of Termoil

Stairways to the Past

Death to the Past

Link to the Past

The Old Standard

The Last Exit

The Fence

Into the Darkness