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Cartoon Dolls...

Hey! Welcome to our site! Its dedicated to Cartoon Dolls, but there are a few other things on here aswell. Well please, enjoy...



Okay, its been a-g-e-s since we've updated! Bryony was getting a tan in Italy ^_^. But shes back now and the hidden beauty contest is voting and Kelly's made a new doll:


3 new contest entrys up!A new base

and Heres a doll i made using it!


This is Bryonys new doll, the base is from bondchicks.


The contest has ENDED and a new one has begun!

New backround is up! Do you like it? Bryony made it herself!

Bryony's New Doll


today bryony got her first siter site!!

its with a great site, which you can get to on the links page.or

Also the contest has CLOSED!! Winners etc will be up soon!

This is Bryonys contest entry at Angelina's Place.

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