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police beat: naked man
fights with officers

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by Stacey Burns; The News Tribune

A 25-year-old man ran naked along a Tacoma street late Tuesday, first yelling death threats at a police officer and then assaulting a police dog, officers said. He kept fighting despite being pepper sprayed and nipped by the dog.  A sergeant eventually subdued the man with a stun gun so officers could arrest him, police reported.  The incident began about 10:45 p.m. when an officer and his police dog responded to a call about a naked man running south on East A Street. When the officer arrived, the man was standing near a traffic circle in the 3700 block of East A Street, police reported.  The man spotted the officer and started screaming he would kill him, police said. The officer parked his patrol car, called dispatchers and went to talk with the man. The officer asked him what the problem was and whether he could help, police said.  The man again yelled threats and started walking toward the officer. The officer brought out his police dog for protection and continued to talk to the man, who kept walking toward the officer, police said.  The man noticed the police dog and threatened to kill him, police said. Two other officers then arrived. The first officer ordered the man to stop, but he advanced and yelled obscenities, police said.  Within 7 feet of the officers, the man raised his arms and clenched his fists. The first officer ordered the man to stop one more time and, when he didn't, ordered the police dog to take him down.  The man grabbed the dog around the choke collar and picked him up by his front legs, cutting off the animal's airway, police said. The officer knocked the man to the ground, but he continued to hang onto the dog.  The three officers freed the dog, who then bit the man on the thigh. The man continued to fight, swinging wildly and getting back on his feet each time he was knocked down, police said.  A fourth officer arrived and sprayed pepper spray in the man's eyes. Still, the man didn't stop fighting the officers, police said.  The sergeant arrived, ordered the officers to back away and used the stun gun to incapacitate the man. Officers handcuffed the man as he thrashed on the ground, police said.  Paramedics took the man to Tacoma General Hospital for treatment of injuries from the dog and the stun gun. Later, officers booked the man into Pierce County Jail on suspicion of third-degree assault and assault on a police dog.

Compiled from reports to Tacoma police.


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