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This is the peeps page.  Here, I say hi to all my closest companions!

ETHAN DUCLOS:// Hey Ethan.  Ethan is my best friend in the entire world.  We're always doing fun stuff.  I CAN'T REMEMBER all the cool stuff we've done.  That's how cool we are.

MATT CAMARA://  Greetings, Colonel.  Matt is one of the funniest people I know.  I don't know why, but he's just always doing crazy things; and you all know that I laugh at anything...

JOAN DeJESUS:// It's JOAN!!!!!!!!  Hey Joan!  How're things?  Good, I hope... Joan is a friend from drama.  "Honestly, Mr. Churchill..." heh.... Doesn't sound too different from "Why for are we turning off the meter?"...

KELSEY JACOBSON:// Yo.  Kelsey is awesome.  ::hugs::  We're always having weird late-night three-way calls on her cell with random people from around the United States.  heh...

ASHLEY ROBBINS:// Hey Ashley!  Ashley is a friend.  Hmmm....I don't think there's much more to say...

DEREK ROY:// Hey Derek.  Derek's really funny.  He's always doing something strange....Whatever.  I suppose that's it.  Oh yeah.  Thanks for my movie back.

SABLE O'DRISCOLL:// Hi Sable!  Sable is my friend from Grandmaster.  She's kewl and whatnot.  hmmm...Not much else to say...

JILLIAN MARKS:// Jillian is at the beginning of the 'Stang' section of this page.  Most of the people below go to Stang.  Jillian is just cool... 

ALEX AUGUST:// Alright.  You're pretty much together with Ethan.  Will you please stop telling me how much you think he's hot?  Thank you!  :o)  It just gets annoying after a while.

TOM BORDEN:// Hey Tom.  Tom is yet another friend from the wonderful learning institution I attend.  He's pretty cool, despite that fact.

AMANDA GARDE:// Hi Amanda!  Me and Amanda, we're always high-five-ing (is that a real word?) in the hallways and whatnot.

EMILIE DUCLOS:// Hey Em!  Although you're away in college now, never forger FBI!!  IM me sometime!

LEXI:// Hey Lexi!  Alright.  You're here.  Are you happy?


Kate Owen, Beth, Stacy Diamanti, Ryan Rystacki (sorry bout that.  I'm almost positive that's not how you spell it.), Amanda, Jessica, Andrew Jones, Ryan Jarvis, Katie Peckham, Sarah Lecuyer, Matt Lecuyer, Kate LeBlanc, Katie Peckham, Jon Silva, Ms. Sweeny [We'll get those Disney people this year!!], Miss Irizarry [I lost the Outing Club logos...], Miss Christie {o.O}, and anyone else who feels left out, or in need of a hug.  I'm there for you.


all that you see is not all that is there.

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