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past rantings!

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By popular demand, I will now be archiving my past rantings on this page, the past rantings page.  Isn't that wonderful?

"being sick"
I just want to rant for a quick minute about being sick.  Being sick is not fun.  At all.  Especially when you don't notice the fact that you are sick, sleep over your best friend's house, and get everyone there sick.  That, in a sentence, is last weekend.  Heck, I even travelled to UMass Amherst and got Ethan's big sister sick!  Oh well...  Hmmmm...I suppose that's it.  It's not a long rant, but it will have to do.

Let me just take your attention from the wonderful content on my website for just one moment to rant about something.  What shall I rant about this week?  Hmmmm....I believe I shall rant about school.  School is hard.  School is stressful.  :o(  In a word, it's not fun (hey, that was two words.  Oh well...).  It's not that my grades are bad, they're actually quite good, it's just all the preparations that go into achieving those grades that's the problem.  I believe, also, that school should start later and end earlier.  10am - 12pm doesn't sound too bad to me.  Two hours of concentrated learning and then the rest of the day can be spent doing other, more important things.  There are only so many hours in a day (most of which I spend sleeping) to do homework.  On average, I have 2 hours of homework every night.  If I get home at 3, watch TV till 4:45-ish, do some homework, eat, do some more homework, talk on the phone/go online, and sleep around 9:30-ish; where is there actual time to do homework?  That's a six hour time slot in which I feel that eating and sleeping take priority over homework, just so my body can function so I can wake up tomorrow and do it all over again!  EEK!  <<I must stop now before I break something.  Thanks for your undivided attention.  Please now go back to whatever you were doing.>>

"pep rally"
Hmmm...another week, another rant.  What shall I rant about?  Hmmm...Ah.  Yes.  I shall rant about the pep rally we had today.  First, they packed us into the auditorium like sardines in a can.  Then, two seniors got on a microphone at the front of the auditorium and did something that I am assuming was supposed to be funny.  Then, Mrs. Fortier and Miss Redfern's hoochies...ahem, I mean cheerleaders got into their formations and did their cheerleader things.  They were nothing more than a sideshow to what came next.  Then, all the sports teams got into the center of the floor and did outrageous things that, again, I am assuming were supposed to be funny.  The whole thing ended with the football team.  The freshmen and J-V teams kneeled down in lines creating an aisle down which the seniors would strut with their 'escorts.'  Then, they told us we could go home.  That was the best part.

Yay!  Another week, and another hilarious opportunity for me to entertain you all!  Now, if only I could think of a topic....Ah, yes.  For my topic, I shall rant about drama.  Now, you may be thinking, "Kyle, you LOVE drama.  Why are you ranting about it?"  Well, don't be worried, I'm not ranting about drama in general, but more about some of the little things that irritate me.  Firstly, I will discuss a certain person (for the privacy of this person, they will be referred to as "Jon Sawicki.")  Now, "Jon's" cell phone is ALWAYS ringing.  Whether it be a call or a text message, he's CONSTANTLY playing with that damn little piece of machinery.  It seriously impairs his acting skills.  Secondly, I shall take a moment to scream a few words:
"how are you walking around inside my car?"
Okay, I'm alright now.  Now, moving along with my rant, I'd like to touch upon my costume.  Don't get me wrong, I completely enjoy wearing the saropy and sombrero, but the sombrero, it ITCHES ever so!  And it doesn't exactly fit perfectly on my head so it sort of tilts toward the back.  It also causes me to be called all sorts of mean names, like "Chiquita Banana Man."  Come on, Chiquita Banana Man?  Don't you all know that that's a woman?  Really.............
I get it now.
That's pretty mean of you all.
I don't think I can finish this rant...
::runs off into corner and cries::
::returns to computer::
Alright.  I'm okay now.  Now, to quickly wrap up this lengthy rant, Seņor Pete would just like to say...
"let's go.  we can always keel him later!"
and now, in light of recent events, an add-on to this week's rant...
A certain member of the drama club (in this case, we shall use the name "Jon Sawicki" to protect the privacy of this individual) insisted on Tuesday night's rehearsal to leave his zip-off pants half unzipped.  Much to the horror of certain individuals (like "Amanda DeFrias" and "Matt Lecuyer," whose names have yet again been changed to protect their privacy) the pant legs remained unzipped right up to the end of rehearsal."Amanda" claims to have had some really bad nightmares related to this incident.  It seems to have really affected her emotionally and mentally.  Oh's entertaining to everyone else. :o)

"the flu"
This past weekend, I had the flu.  The flu, in a word, sucks.  Yes.  It was not the most pleasant experience of my life.  I was stuck in the house from Thursday night until Sunday morning with it, in fact.  It screwed up my whole weekend!  I didn't go to school on Friday, and I had to make up like 3 quizzes.  Friday night, I missed a date!  :o(  Saturday, I had a wedding to go to.  Did I go?  No!  I had the flu!  
I had a suit and everything.  Nevermind the fact that the suit was incredibly tight and had shoulder pads that extended an inch and a half over my shoulder.  
I had a suit, and I was gonna wear it to the wedding!  But I couldn't go!  So, no wedding Saturday night.  Could I go to Jr. Ring?  NO!  I had the flu!  And no ticket.  So, that was my Saturday.  Vomiting and sneezing.  :o(  Sunday rolls around, and the flu has almost diminished completely!  Wow!  It could have done that three days ago!  In fact, it could have just infected someone else!  But no!  It HAD to be me.  Stupid flu. 

"wellness day"
So, it's been a while since I've ranted.  What shall I rant about?  Ah.  Yes.  Today was wellness day.  Let's rant about that.  Okay.  Sophomore Wellness Day, for those of you who don't know, is a day where prison inmates come to school and talk to us about not doing drugs, and then Ms. Revil tells us to write them palanca.  The separated the boys and girls, and of course, the boys were stuck with the inmates first.  We walked into the auditorium, and sat down.  Mr. O'Brien gave a little speech, and then the inmates took over.  The first speaker spoke about being kicked out of his home when he was 11, and selling drugs to make money to survive.  The next one read a poem about being incarcerated and told us prison is not a fun place.  The third speaker, who was on her 3rd prison sentence, told us that prison is not a fun experience.  And finally, the last speaker told us about his experience of prison.  To wrap up that half of the program, the police officer that came with the inmates reprimanded us for the way we wear our ties, telling us if that happened while we were in prison, we would be sentenced to solitary confinement for 9 days.  Not law enforcement, but rather public relations, was that man's true calling.  Anyway, we then traveled to the cafeteria, where Ms. Revil told us about the prison retreats that she attends with Mrs. Rivet.  All the while, Jon Sawicki (who insisted on sitting next to us) sat backwards in his chair, played with his glasses, fiddled with his retainer, and (at least once) picked his nose and then stared at what came out on his finger.  WHY?!?!?!?!?!  Finally, Ms. Sweeney told us that we have to write inmates at least 5 palanca this year, as a part of a new Christian Service Project.  Oh well...all in all, today was not much fun (to put it nicely).


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