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Recollections of WW2 by Allen Godfrey Jones 4th Anti Tank

 written 1947

My father had a little leather bound pocket book. This is what he wrote in it after the war.I am surprised and grateful he made it out alive. I have typed the following from his original handwriting so I may have made errors in transcribing the words especially the Japanese ones.

My father Bill and his brother Peter

Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial

Ballarat Victoria Photos taken 2005

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  Some Emails  I have received re my site

23rd July 2005

 "Hi Kathryn, thank you for the link ...... what a great website and tribute to your dad! I tried emailing you from there but I couldn't get it to work. My dad was also in Fukuoka camp 17.. he is a Marine from the U.S. captured on Corregidor.  I was especially amazed by the note you have posted, near the bottom of the page, from "Dark" to "Buck" about the American whose leg was cut off during a Red Cross food drop. My dad has talked about that. He was right there when it happened.

20th August 2005

From my cousin

 "Mum told me that Uncle Peter had a head injury when he was a POW.  Apparently on one occasion he was given an order by a guard and when he was slow to react the guard raised his rifle butt to bash him.  Your Father stopped him from doing this and everyone was amazed that they were both not killed as a result"  

7th October 2005

"Hi Kathryn,
You have done such a beautiful, organized presentation that you are an
inspiration for me to write a web page for my parents.
I sent your first link to the Red Horse list, my husband's AirForce
engineering unit (VietNam era) and your pages received praise.
Unfortunately, I thoughtlessly deleted them before I thought that you should
have received them and  would have appreciated all the vets who said your
pages were a wonderful tribute to your father.

11th November 2005

" Been interesting looking at your photo's.
At times like this I remember them.
Thank you for sharing
Peggy & Max 
Swan Hill
Australia "

11th November 2005

"Really good web site with interesting info. You've put a lot of work into


23rd January 2006

"Dear Kathryn,
What a beautiful and moving Tribute........I was moved to tears as I read your Fathers Letters.
You have so obviously worked hard at collating and completing such a wonderful and lasting memory to not only your own Father, but also to his friends and colleagues.
I live here in Britain, and my Father was a Royal Navy man.......on the Russian convoys and later to the Far East........he never forgave the Japanese for their atrocities, and he went to his grave with exactly those same emotions. He was in Burma and Rangoon when VE day was being celebrated here........he resented being parted from his Family and my Mum. Fortunately, he came home and they married in 1946 and had four children"
"Thank you so much for allowing me such an insight into your Fathers past....and for keeping alive the memories of those young and innocent men who fought to give us the freedoms that we take so much for granted these days........
I have kept your website page so I can re - read the contents and think about what a hell it must have been for them......and the joys of returning...
With Kind Regards & Best Wishes to you and your Family.......

23rd September 2006

" Thank you for the lovely website memorial for your father.  You have done a great job.  My own father's brother, US Navy Coxswain was captured at Corregidor in the Philippines and died in the Osaka POW Camp in 1943.  These men deserve all the credit they can get.
Take care and smooth sailing,
Seattle, WA, USA"


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