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                 Our World War 1 Page

This site is for our personal  family photos and mementos

 in remembrance of  our family members who served in WW1

Acknowledgement is made to National Archives Of Australia

 for scanned copies of service records

Surnames  Buchan    Beel  Cook  Elmer

 Gibbs  Jones   Nash

    Godfrey Buchan 8th Light Horse 

   My Great Uncle 

Godfrey Buchan born Chiltern 1893 Parents

 Robert Buchan and Catherine(Finemore)

Godfrey Buchan seated (Man standing behind him unknown)

 I only have a photocopy of the original so hence the poor quality.

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Court MARTIAL 1918 Found not guilty

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  Robert George Buchan Nash (My Great Uncle)

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  Norman Perry William Cook   My Grandfather

npwc26.jpg (61467 bytes)


  Stanley Perry Cook 

spc6.jpg (71116 bytes)



 James Theodore Cook 

Son of George and Priscilla Cook

Was also a Police Officer in

Woods Point when there was a devastating fire 1939

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  Ernest William Gibbs   My Great Uncle 

(Thanks to Neville Cook for the photo)

EWG Married Elizabeth Isabel Cook Holbrook NSW 1919


ewg1.jpg (61096 bytes)       ewg2.jpg (53076 bytes)

Newspaper clipping re Ernest William Gibbs and Isabel Cook

wjc2.jpg (160939 bytes)


Jones family


  James Melville Jones 

( My Great Grandfather's son second marriage)

James Melville Jones son of James Jones and Nellie Elmer

SERN 556 : Place of birth  Beechworth VIC

 : POE Melbourne VIC : Next of kin 

 Mother  Jones Ellen

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  Percival Jones 

( My Great Grandfather's son second marriage)

Percival  Jones son of James Jones and Nellie Elmer

pj40.jpg (59841 bytes) 

  George Albert Jones   (My Grandfather)

George Albert Jones with his son Maurice


George Albert Jones


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George Albert Jones 1941

  Maurice Jones 

George Albert Jones son 1st marriage

see photo above

Name spelt Maurice but on service record spelt Morris

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  William Jones  (brother of George Albert Jones) 


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                 My father was a Prisoner Of War WW2

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