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Poetry Just For "Rachel"

Help us fight the injustice that was done to this family. Her murder is linked to internet selling and/or giving her information to her murderer without her consent or knowledge.

A Hard Lesson
Sometimes our past runs into us you see

Mine did to me you know just recently

Yes, I'm kinda battered, stiff and sore,

and rather bruised

Reminds me of the days of old,

when every day abused

But I've had all those sweet,

sweet days between

Gloriously basking in the weeks

where no one's mean

Don't let this violent event

deter you from your goal

Of getting out from underneath

and making yourself whole

I won't regret a single thing

I've done I've won,

and you know who is on the run

And through this many more will understand

Tell it to the people,

everywhere across the land

The thing that could make this sad


Into something positive,

is if it could advance

This message that can come

from those like me

Saying that it's still worthwhile,

the getting yourself free

I know, 'cause I've been there,

and now I'm here

I've seen all sides and all

is crystal clear

It's worth it for the time

we had to dwell

In Heaven, sister get out of that

Hell He's gone now,

Heaven's mine forever more

Please, learn my lesson,

open up that door

This was written by a friend of Rachel's

when she was in the hospital for the 13 days

between her attack and her death.

His name is Larry Tilander.

Who Knows Which Way A Soul Will Go
Who knows which way a soul will go,

what makes us make a choice?

So many people calling you,

how can you pick a voice?

You followed one and hoped for good,

you found a dark, dark star

Woke up one day and realised you

you had to move off far

You found another star and yes,

it was a brighter one

You learned to shine yourself

and "Rachel" be another sun

Then time and space and fate conspired,

the dark sun raged back near

With fools strength it struck

and thought to make you disappear

But light once glimpsed can't be unshone,

the eye does not forget

Though now your orbit's moved

I look, your light shines brighter yet

Reflected from so many souls

to light those corners dark

To nurture light wherever there

is yet the slightest spark

"Break free from darkness."

is the message shining

from your soul

However evil smothers one,

they still have that small coal

That with the breath of love

will flare up to a tiny spark

Igniting love that knows no bounds

and lighting more the dark

So shine on "Rachel", rising star,

shine on us from above

Shine into darkest corners

where there's pain passed

off as love

Until they all can see there

is no hurt to love that's true

Then every one gives off their own light,

shining back to you

Who knows which way a soul will go?,

Yours rests in Heaven now

Still shining with a light of love,

and brighter still somehow

I pass your light, your spark,

your torch to all who happen near

To rid the world of darkness,

yes, to light, to cleanse, to sear

I thank you "Rachel" for the beam

that you have cast on me

That I can pass to others until

everyone can see I ask you all that

see this light to no more turn away

If you see one in darkness

lead them to the light of day

Who knows which way a soul will go

guide yours into the light.

This was written by a friend of Rachel's

After Her Death.

His name is Larry Tilander.

"Rachel's Pain
I never saw her face or knew her by name

But I will forever be effected by

'Rachel's Pain'.

The victim of senseless abuse

for too many years

Her story breaks my heart and

brings me to tears.

I first heard of her on 'Nichole's'

support for the abused list

Her husband, Kurt, posted her pain;

I read daily to see how she was,

never expecting this.

Her ex-husband had found her,

hurt her, leaving her

broken and battered

And then, on April 26, she died...

leaving all those

who cared for her shattered.

The story has been told,

the damage is done, and now

we must move on

Trying to find a way to handle

the pain and right this

awful wrong.

I'll never forget this tragedy

or her name

I'll forever remember

'Rachel's Pain'.

Creations Byjo 2000

written for "Rachel Susan Miller" on 4/30/00

Ode To "Rachel"
For a fallen angel in death too soon.

One who fought against domestic abuse.

A special and loving person,


You are gone but your deeds not forgotten.

A candle will burn always in dedication to

your memory. Peace I wish you for we all

will finish your work and make sure others

will know your story and take courage to do

something to end domestic violence. Thank

You "Rachel" you will always be in my heart!

"Ode To "Rachel"

by Felisa Whitfield

Comes The Dawn

This was one of two favorite poems

Rachel had. She said it gave her strength.

After a while you learn the subtle

difference between holding a hand

and chaining a soul, and you

learn that love doesn't mean security,

and you begin to learn that kisses

aren't contracts and presents

aren't promises.

And you begin to accept

your defeats with your head

up and your eyes open.

With the grace of maturity,

not the grief of a child.

And you learn to build all

your roads on today because

tommorrow's ground is too

uncertain for plans,

and futures have a way of falling

down in mid-flight.

After a while you learn

that even sunshine burns

if you get too much. So you

plant your own garden and decorate

your own soul,

instead of waiting for someone

to bring you flowers.

And you learn that you really can

endure... And you

really are strong and that you

really do have worth.

And you learn and learn and learn...

With every goodbye

you learn.

written by Lady Sierra

I Am
If only I could have faith to see

those things about me...

not only with my eyes alone,

what difference would there be?

Could I hold on to his mighty hand

and walk with Him throughout my day?

Could I spend a bit more time taking

a moment here and there to pray?

What difference might it make to me

and the lives I touch?

What changes could I bring about

would it really matter all that much?

How will I know? What I might do

if but some of my time I'd share,

With the one who loves me so and

showers me with care.

His eye's see my day's and nights

and he makes a place

for me to come and spend my time

with Him, and through

his eye's to see.

I bring Him tears, without a thought,

and yet he loves me so.

The Father waits with open arms

giving me a place to go.

When all the world around me tries

with all their might to make it seem

He never was and He's but just

another life.

Just another life you say?

Another who said, "I AM."

Not this one, no. He came to be

the white and perfect lamb.

Somewhere down inside your heart

there's a place where

truth is dear That place where

He is The Great "I AM".

In that place that's crystal clear.

"I AM"...the one who loves you.

"I AM"...the one who cares.

"I AM"...the one who holds you.

when you lay your burdens bare.

Gaze at life through eye's that saw

the beginning and the end.

Allow Him to answer all your questions,

with the simple phrase...

"I AM."

Author Unknown

Roses Are Red and

Violets are Blue

I love you mommy and I miss you too.

This was written by Rachel's daughter, Caitlin. She was age 7 when she wrote this. She turned 8 on March 5.

"She Fought"

She fought to change her life of pain

She told us of her fear

Gathered all the beauty of

The life she once revered

Spoke to us in parables

Told us of her life

Kept our spirits high and spoke

With wisdom of her plight

Fate was not that kind to her

Murdered by the hand

The father of her children

Who walked upon this land

How could this happen to a soul

Who changed her life so well

Bringing us her special heart

With words she left to tell

Family now so filled with pain

To know that she is gone

Never now to see her smile

This pain goes on and on

To "Rachel" I must say to you

As you look down from above

See the world's a better place

For the heart you shared with love

You'll always be our champion

A martyr in your flight

A woman of great quality

With substance in your life

I think about you every day

Someone I never knew

Say a prayer that in His care

God's always next to you

I know that when you left this world

An angel held your hand

Brought you right to Jesus

As the angels bowed in Land

Jesus held you close to Him

Whispered in your ear

Rachel I'm so proud of you

Diamond halo then appeared

In this place called heaven

Rachel has a home

A place where others like her live

A special place to roam

With flowers that are touched with dew

With fragrance so divine

"Rachel" and her newborn "child"

Has Mountains she can climb

On the highest mountain

In this place that she now loves

"Rachel" sends her blessings

To the world she's not part of

Looking down with tenderness

Watching out for you

A special gift that "Rachel" has

A light so bright and true

Look up to the heavens

If you see a cloud in sky

Suddenly the sun shines through

"Rachel's" sweet good-bye

"Rachel" is remembered

For the blessings that she gave

Her name will be synonymous

The light that never fades

A new bright star in heaven

That glows eternally

A tribute from Our Savior

Their light for all to see

"Rachel" is at peace now

But always glows so bright

This tribute to her memory

God touched her with His light.

~Francine Pucillo~

"Thirteen Days"

Thirteen days she lay in bed

A breath away from life

Fighting so with all her might

Her loved ones filled with strife

Gently laying eyes were closed

I wonder what she thought

Should I leave or should I stay

Greatest battle fought

Felt the love of all around

Knew that they were there

Heard the silent pleas they made

In every single prayer

Wanted so to stay with you

It wasn't meant to be

On the thirteenth day God said

"Rachel" come to Me

I want to hold you in my arms

Let you know the peace

Your battered body now I hold

Your soul is now released

From way above you'll see the world

The sorrow and the woe

I'll give to you a special gift

The light that you bestow

"Rachel" now you live in a place

Where love and care abounds

You will miss the ones you love

Within your heart they're bound

I offer you this peaceful place

Where flowers are the rain

That gently fall upon your heart

This velvet shall remain

Although your family feels your loss

Your spirit lives on through

All the joy you shared in life

A testament to you

She fills God's world with beauty

A smile that lights His sky

This gentle heart of "Rachel"

No tear within her eye

Thirteen days of hope and fear

He needed "Rachel" there

Jesus brought her treasured gift

Now "Rachel's" crown revered

An angel brought her to the sky

This gentle kiss engraved

A joy that "Rachel" always knows

This tribute Jesus gave.

~Francine Pucillo~

Dear Caitlin

Mommy is in heaven

But she's not far away

Every day I'm next to you

Forever I will stay

You're my little precious gem

My sweetest baby girl

Mommy always thinks of you

You are my treasured pearl

Remember me with happiness

Tigger would be proud

To know my little Caitlin has

A way to laugh out loud

I want you to be happy

I know that you will cry

But Mommy is in heaven

Where angels float right by

Two of them I see all day

They're clumsy as can be

Every time they say hello

They bump right into me

Mommy's in a special place

Where flowers fill the sky

Seeing that my little girl

Has angels that fly by

I see you and I miss you so

I wanted you to know

That everytime you fall asleep

I'm next to your pillow

Smoothing out your pretty hair

Smiling as you sleep

Making sure you feel my love

Is always yours to keep

Don't you cry my baby

It makes me feel so sad

I want you to be happy

So Mommy can be glad

Look up in the heaven

Mommy is right there

Sending you her kisses

With pretty wings I wear

Never feel alone now

You have angels next to you

Couldn't wait to show you off

Now they love my Caitlin too

So Mommy she does miss you

But she's never far away

Watching you from heaven

Holding hands with you each day.

~Francine Pucillo~ as a letter from

"Rachel" to her daughter Caitlin age 7

Dear Tyler

How's my very precious boy

Mommy loves you so

Watching you with angel wings

So proud of love you show

Now I have the greatest seat

Right up here in the sky

When you hit that baseball now

I really see it fly

I'll root for you at every game

I know you'll hit a run

The angels will all cheer for you

They know that your my son

I know that you are sad and blue

Cause Mommy is not there

But listen Tyler while I say

Words that are so clear

Mommy never left you

She's always by your side

Giving you the special love

That mother's do with pride

I know that it is hard for you

Cause you can't speak to me

But listen to this secret

I hear your words to me

I love you very much you know

You'll always have my heart

You are the dearest son I have

We'll never be apart

Always I will smile at you

You'll feel a special glow

When you do you'll surely know

That Mom's just said hello

I'll always be right next to you

I'll watch you from above

Send to you my special kiss

So you will feel my love

Remember when your sad or blue

Or need my company

Just look above and say Hi Mom

You know that I will see

Although I am not with you now

There's one thing you must know

I gave to you a special gift

Your heart will always know

As days do pass and time goes by

You'll hear a passing cheer

I'll whisper words that you will need

Your Mom is always near.

~Francine Pucillo~ as a letter from

"Rachel" to her son Tyler age 10

My Book

in life is closed now

But words I say live on

Because of you my darling

Each day was like a new dawn

You were the very essence

Of all the love I sought

With you my life was peaceful

My days were never lost

My heart within your soul now

A gift I give to you

To thank you for the wonder

Of all the love I knew

Our hearts became a castle

Where life was pure sanctum

My Knight in Shining Armor

With suit made of platinum

My arms reach out to hold you

Please feel them in embrace

I see you in the shadows

Your tears are my sweet lace

Rain that falls from heaven

Will give the peace you need

My love forever with you

Will come with freshest breeze

I never shall forget you

I live inside your heart

The moon will feel the pleasure

Of shadows in the dark

Our song will keep on playing

I'll dance within the breeze

I'll hold you for eternity

My soul is quenched with ease

In heaven's special garden

Our child now stands with me

Helps to pick the flowers

To show love never leaves

My Darling as you weep now

Remember you will be

The one who gave me precious love

Your heart entwined with me

The years together treasured

Please keep them close to you

Don't grieve for me my darling

My heart will help you through

Winds will fall upon you

Scented with sweet blooms

My soul forever reaching

Our Life your sweet heirloom.

written by Francine Pucillo. Francine wrote this as Rachel speaking to me.


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