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Poetry Sent To "Amy"

This was sent to me by a very dear friend "Thanks"

A Friend For All Seasons

True friendship is like a strong sturdy tree

It matures and spreads its branches giving comfort

It yields itself to us without condition or request

It's there for a reason to help us through each season.

In the spring it blooms new hopes and dreams for the future

In the summer it reassures us when the heart grows restless

In the fall, when the twilight years fade to gray it consoles us

And in the winter, it shows compassion when the end is near.

True friendship is like life giving rain that nurtures our spirit

It is a beacon of trust that guides us in those troubled times

It calms the tempest storm that stirs from within us

It will always and forever be the landmark of our soul.

by Jeff W. Helfenstein

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