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The Gift Of Poems For "Amy"

Mothers Tears

Oh Dear Lord What am I to do.

I Miss Her ever so Much.

The Pain is so Great

The Tears still Fall

When I Think of Our "Amy" dear.

She was so Young and Full of Life.

Just Starting out You Might Say.

When along came that Day.

When She went Home to You,

The Day it was So Hard to Pray

How do We let These Tears Subside

Where do We go From Here

What would My Dear Little One Want

I am Sure it is not Tears

But a Smile is so Hard to Find

I Fear it will not Come

I Carried Her For Nine Months Lord

Little did I Think

That Soon You would want Her Back

In Your Loving Home to Stay

I Watched Her Grow, Learn To Love

But I did not want to Send Her

Not So Soon Lord

Not So Soon

I Wanted To see Her Married

Having a Family

Living a Life You See

I Wish I would have Known that Day

Just what a Bullet would Do

Please Dear Lord, Hold Her Tight

Please Tell Her She is Missed

That We feel Her Here with Us Today

And See Her Smiling Face

She was So Full Of Life

The Most Loving You would See

Untill that Fatal Day came Along

The Battle For Life She Could Not Win

Oh How Much You Wanted to Stay

But As All of Us Know, You had to Go

God Called You In His Time

So For you Dear Child

I Shed this Tear

I Light a Candle

To Help Show You the Way

It is Now Your Time to Shine

To be With the Angels so True

So Now Rest Well My Daughter

We will be Together Again

An Angels

Kiss I Feel

Tonight as I Go to Bed

She Bends over to Tell Me that

She Loves Me even Yet

I Can see Her Face as I Look Up

The Face I know So Well

I Know Her Touch

I Know Her Smell

see The Twinkle in Her Eyes

So Good Night My Sweet Angel

I Know You now are Safe

I Will Wake Tomorrow With

Your Strength To Carry On

Not Forgotten

I look up into the sky.I pray for who am I?

I ask has all forgotten?

If so where might they be?

I am here waiting for all to see.

See that I am who I need to be.

I am a true Angel.

I am a true pure soul.

I love my family so.

But God is in need of me.

For he tells me I must go.

Go to where I can do some good.

Where I know I should go.

I don't want to leave anyone behind.

But I have no choice for it is my time.

Time to do Gods work.

Take time I say to reads Gods book.

For now I see it is all true.

I can't help from feeling so blue.

Blue for all those I knew.

They feel they didn't even say Goodbye.

But they should now that I knew.

I knew that they loved me ever so much.

I knew when I felt Gods touch.

So please do not feel so hollow.

For You need not to wallow in such pain.

I am here and I didn't die in vain.

Maybe some day when the breeze blows.

You will hear my whipers to you from above.

I whipser in your ear that I am here and still care.

I will just do Gods work and wait for you dear.

Gods says it's time to go.

he's calling me so I must flow.

Not goodbye for we will be together again.

Untill then remember me with every sigh,

For without that life would just pass you by.

~~Written by Sharee Burkhart~~

~ For Amys Family from her~

There Came

to me an angel free.

Her hair as if tethered to her back.

Flies in the wind like wings.

Soft little lady of the sky.

Comes to let her family know.

Do not cry.

I rest in his light.

I have a home.

God's new foundling.

He says, 'no more will roam.

With me she stays.

Both night and day.

Do not cry.

I have her hand.

As foretold.

She dwells in my promised land.

Heart Of "Amy"

We held her as a baby

Her smile beyond compare

The beauty of her always shines

The love that we will share

She wanders up in heaven

God's camp ground for her soul

In reverence and magnificence

His nature she extols

The woods on earth have spirit

An angel that is here

She lives within the hearts of all

No longer has a fear

Touching every piece of earth

Her beauty left to wear

Each day I hear her laughter

It bellows everywhere

In echoes in the trees

Sending breezes in our life

With music from the leaves

A symphony each night

Catch a glimpse of heaven

The wings that fly nearby

Amy's soul is smiling

Love never says good-bye.

This poem was written for Amy by

~ Francine ~

"I Will"

not forget you.

You are in my waking thoughts,

my dearest dreams,

and my sweetest memories.

I will not forget you.

You have touched my heart

and carressed my soul

and opened my eyes to the

wonder of the universe.

I will not forget you.

I see your reflection in the water,

in the vivid colors of the sunset,

in the gentle rise of the mountains,

and in all things that stretch to infinity.

I will not forget you.

I have carved you on the palm of my hand.

I will carry you with me forever.

A friend so gracefully

allowed me to use this poem..

"The Gift"

There were tears of joy that wonderful day

When a gift was sent from above

The Lord said, "Here is a sweet little girl for you"

"To have, to hold, and to love"

She truly was a miracle

Precious, joyful and bright

You watched her transformation

With absolute joy and delight

When she first recognized you

There was a twinkle in her eyes

And you knew that happiness abounded

Just as limitless as the skies

Then she was walking

Oh my, that was lovely to see

Mom reached out her arms

She said, "Amy, come safely to me"

Then came the teen years

God and family came first in her life

She asked many questions

She wondered about sadness and strife

She was loyal to all who knew her

There was gentleness in her voice

With God, family and friends

She tried always to make the right choice

Then one day there was darkness

No sun shining from the skies

God saw the family weeping

God saw tears in everyone's eyes

He said "I know it's hard to understand

Why she had to go"

"But please look at me and you will see"

"She was a gift, You know"

Though her time on this earth

Was very short in years

You've made such wonderful memories

There'll be smiling through your tears

"I needed her here in heaven

She's now safe from all that harms"

"Look! She's happy and smiling down at you"

"She's in the safety of My arms"

Copyright ~Flo~ June 10 2000

"Amy My Love"

I Love You Dearly

While your above

And Im down here

I dont understand

Why God took you home

Were suffering here

While wee all alone

I want you here

Back here with me

To hold you tight

And share the glee

I hate that young horrid man

Who took you from me

He should be banned

Forever you see!!

So I tell you now

Now and forever

Youre my girl

Forever and ever

Written by Jenna Remsburg

Amys sister

Age 11

Please don't take unless written prior consent. Thank you

"She Comes"

With fairy footsteps;

Softly their echos fall;

And her shadow plays, like a summer shade,

Across the garden wall.

The golden light is dancing bright

Mid the mazes of her hair,

And her fair young locks are waving free

To the wooing of the air.

Like a sportive fawn she boundeth

So gleefully along;

As a wild young bird she caroleth

The burden of a song.

The summer birds are clustering thick

Around her dancing feet,

And on her cheek the clustering breeze

Is breaking soft and sweet.

The very sunbeams seem to linger

Above thy holy head,

And the wild flowers at her coming

Their richest fragrance shed.

And O, how lovely light and fragrance

Mingle in the life within!

O, how fondly do they nestle

Round the soul that knows no sin!

She comes, the spirit of our childhood,

A thing of mortal birth,

Yet beareth still a breath of heaven,

To redeem her from the earth,

She comes in bright-robed innocence,

Unsoiled by blot or blight,

And passeth by our wayward path

A gleam of angel light.

O, blessed things are children!

The gifts of heavenly love;

They stand betwixt our heavenly hearts

And better things above.

They link us with the spirit world

By purity and truth,

And keep our hearts still fresh and young

With the presence of their youth.

Blackwood's Magazine


a friend so true.

you are always

here when we call.

but now it is time

for you dear one

you need us now

most of all.

our prayers go out

to make you well.

we hold you so dear

to our hearts.

we will carry on

the fight.

we will do our

very best.

but please hurry

get well and

come home.

With Love From Flowerlady
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