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Words Of Song

When They Leave

From infants into adults,

They'll grow and then go.

Parting is so difficult,

As parents we know.

As infants there may be illness,

As a parent we suffer grief,

We'll bring them to doctors,

To find them relief.

They'll experience puberty,

As adolescents they mature.

It is something all children,

Must accept and endure.

As teens they drift,

And may fall from grace.

As parents our nurturing,

Will help them keep the pace.

As adults then,

They will be fully grown.

They move out and marry,

And have children of their own.

Then they realize,

What they have to do.

Maybe appreciating us more,

Experiencing what we've been through… © 2000

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My Grandfather and


We sat and talked a while,

When I was only ten,

Me and my grandfather,

Did this every now and then.

He spoke about the poverty,

In that land over there.

The place that he came from,

But he also came here unaware.

His family was very poor,

They had very little to eat.

They suffered each and every day,

And at night when they went to sleep.

He left his family behind,

Never to see them again.

He would always write to them,

Every now and then.

They would always reply,

About living conditions so bad.

This made my grandfather cry,

And made him so very sad.

He left his entire family behind,

To make a better life for himself.

He was so much happier here,

But he really enjoyed no wealth.

He found a civil service job,

And supported everyone here.

But he always talked about his country,

That he held in his heart so dear.

In his country land back home,

He said although he endured so much.

He spoke about how far away he was,

Missing his family and being so out of touch… © 2000

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