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All About Life

A Night I Will

Never Forget

The little girl stood,

At the edge of the town.

With her teenage brother at her side,

disease had brought their parents down.

Now all the burdens of life,

rested on the shoulders of her brother.

Since they were both without,

a father or a mother.

Her dress was soiled and torn,

and his clothes were no better.

But he held her hand so tightly in his care.

as they crossed the street together.

How would these two angels of God,

live on their very own.

They had no food or money,

whereto would they roam.

It was the depression years,

and jobs and money were scarce.

The stock market had crashed,

and people were running scared.

As I rolled over in bed,

and gazed under the street light,

I called out to these children,

but they disappeared into the night.

I then thanked God,

that I had a place to stay.

But I thought of these two children,

as their images faded away...

Although I did not live during the great

depression, my father, mother and

grandparents told me stories that

inspired this poem..... © 2000

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The Old Gent

And His Dog

The little old gent walked down the street,

With his little old dog by his side.

They'd walk together every day,

Trying not to break their stride.

The aging of both,

When we exchanged a morning hello,

Was apparent each day,

In the sun's early glow.

They'd try to hasten their pace,

On a cold blustery day.

But age had caught up with both,

There was just no way.

Did this man and his dog have family,

I could only guess.

Who would take care of both of them,

When it's time to be laid to rest.

Did they live a life of luxury,

No telling by the way he dressed.

Did they live in mediocrity,

Or poverty at best.

Turning the corner they were gone from sight,

As down the lonely street they strolled,

The man and his dog disappeared,

Now about their lives I would never know… © 2000

Time to disconnect?

Sometimes people slip away,

And start to forget your name,

They can't remember much of anything,

And life is not the same.

They start to get senile,

And slowly drift away,

They always quote memories.

And bring back yesterday.

Disconnecting is so unthinkable,

But sometimes it must be done.

The words are so hard to take,

Because our parents are always the ones… © 2000

Dedicated to all the children of parents with Altzheimers Disease…this poem was inspired after seeing the movie "Hanging Up" with Walter Matthau….a great actor who is now departed from us….

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