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The Keltic Kottage entrance


To my home on the web. here in you shall find information on the celts and witchcraft. for those of you that are of a more traditional mind, i would suggest you move on because this site is not traditional. i call my self a celtic witch because i love the celts and i love to work with their traditional myths and folk lore but i do not how ever dress up in ancient celtic garb i dont use gaelic in my rites for the most part and i dont feel one has to build their life around trying to be like an ancient celt to be a celtic pagan. i live in the 21 century and i kinda like it here so i use 21 century stuff to my in short this is not a reconstructionalism page. ok now for the fun stuff....(and yes i am a fluffy bunny do ya wanna see my tail?)

from here you may go to the rooms in my home so far i have very little up but have at what is up.


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