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Welcome to the Official Site for Online Wiccan Rituals.

If you are here, it is probably because you are a member of our online group,

however, if you have just happened upon our site, please allow me to give you the tour.

Online Wiccan Rituals was started as a group on Yahoo! in Oct, 2001. It is

a place for like-minded individuals to gather and share/perform rituals, spells &

celebrations (i.e., Sabbats & Esbats).

We have a fair number of members, however, we are always looking for more to join

our cozy family. If you are at all interested, you can find us @

Online Wiccan Rituals

Here, you will be asked to login and join if you are interested. At the time of joining,

you will notice that approval is necessary. After approval, you will be sent a welcome

email and a questionnaire to fill out to let all others on the group see who you are

and where you stand. You are asked ONLY to answer the questions you feel

comfortable answering.

At that point you can then join in on the group's conversations and gatherings.

This is a group, not just for Wiccans (Although the name may confuse) but for all who

travel in the path of the goddess and god. We are a very open and welcoming group.

We do not pre-judge or assume. All are welcome and all are accepted @

Online Wiccan Rituals.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us with your

concerns @


Thank you for visiting and please come back again to see updates on our website

including members' photos, stories, bios, links, members' talents, & of course,

explanations and conclusions of our rituals.

In Perfect Love & Perfect Trust,

*~*~* Sinovess *~*~*

Shamaness Of The Amazons East

Founder Of Online Wiccan Rituals

I Am A Proud Member Of:

The Official Phenomenal Women Of The Web Seal

Phenomenal Women Of The Web


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