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Mystic Movement centered on finding ones "Inner Rhythm" which is unique to every individual and generally dictates the type of dancing a dancer eventually falls into. ie. Ballet, Jazz, Tribal, or cultural.etc. In fact, during the time I taught this workshop I was still not aligned with my own "Inner Rhythm". I had danced just about everything but never felt at home with any particular dance form. Including Irish. (As I knew it) I eventually recognized my inner rhythm in the revised form of Irish dancing that Michael Flatley pioneered in the early 1990's. I was always a fast moving person. Classmates and coworkers had nicknames like "Grasshopper" and "Speedy" for me. Irish dancing, as I knew it, was always a bit boring to me. Not my speed. That is until I found you can dance it at and amazingly fast 2/4 speed! Then, after teaching hundreds of people how to find their "Inner Rhythm" I had found mine. MM was geared both toward beginning or non-dancers who needed a way to break out of their shells and experience movement as a personal and spiritual process, and experienced dancers who needed to find what we call the "Current" of their art. The "Current" is that archetypal energy that surrounds a particular dance form. Kind of the ancestral memories of its practitioners. It is my belief that the great dancers of each form had all learned to tap this current and become a conduit for it. Mystic Movement had a three level certification available for those who wanted to become practitioners or teachers. Practitioners could run and facilitate group dances. They took the level 1 workshop, which is the public workshop plus level 2 which teaches them how to facilitate a "gathering." Teachers took those two levels plus level 3 which trained them to do "Openings" or "Alignments" which involved the teaching and facilitation of students in workshops. Only teachers were considered qualified to do Inner Rhythm Openings or alignments because these can be very powerful emotional experiences for the students.

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