Ain’t No Sunshine

Ain’t No Sunshine





It’s not warm when she’s away Ain’t no Sunshine when she’s gone And she’s always gone too long anytime she goes away




Rating:            NC-17 for sexual situations and adult material. If you are not of age to view this material, please go back now!!


Pairing:           Spike / Buffy


Summary:       William ‘Spike’ Nagle was still a rookie cop when he got the break of his career. Aiding in the rescue of fourteen-year-old kidnap victim, Buffy Anne Summers, changed not only his job status but his personal life. Four years later she’s come back into his world insisting she wasn’t the only victim. Together they search for the girl that everyone else says doesn’t exist. In the process of discovering the truth, Buffy struggles to reclaim her life and ends up changing  Spike’s yet again.



Warning: The background for this story is the kidnapping, torture and rape of a fourteen-year-old girl. If this in anyway upsets or offends you, please don’t read. If you are easily triggered by this type of material please read with caution.



Disclaimer: All things BtVS related belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and anyone else that has legal claim to them. This story is intended for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to infringe upon their claim.


The lyrics for 'Ain't No Sunshine' by Bill Withers belong to whoever wrote them or has legal claim to them.

The story line and all original characters and places belong solely to me.



 Wonder this time where’s gone  Wonder if she’s gone to stay Ain’t No Sunshine when she’s gone  And this house just ain’t no home  Anytime she goes away

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