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Adventures in Gardening - The Wall Family Becomes Self-Sufficient

Welcome To Our Family Page!

Under construction. We are a family on the move! Soon we will be packing up the kids, cats and a gazillion boxes and moving to start a new life far from the city. Well, actually just 10 minutes from Courtenay/Comox but far from the busy city of Calgary where we have lived for 6 years. We are moving to a small acreage which is in desperate need of taming and hope to carve a garden, orchard and vineyard out of the brush and thistles. Why? What's the Plan? The goal is to be more self-sufficient than we are now by growing and raising the majority of our food, and creating a market garden. It's going to be a LOT of work over a long period of time. I know that many other people have similar ideas and there are several books on the subject including "The Complete Guide to Self-Sufficiency" written by John Seymour and recently revised (thank goodness because my old copy from the 70's is on it's last legs!). Reading books is all well and good but I thought it would be much more helpful to actually keep a Blog (diary) and let you follow along in all our ups and inevitable downs. Let's face the truth here...we're in for some spectacular failures! It's always better if you can learn from the mistakes of someone else so follow our progress and feel free to e-mail us with any suggestions. Our family is comprised of myself, Elizabeth, Brian my husband and our children Chris, Jordan, Kate and Meghan. We have 2 cats named Harriet and Hobbes who are moving with us. It is here that I should mention that my dad owns the property and is building his new Cordwood home at the opposite end from our home (smart guy!). We're looking forward to being able to spend more time with him and nanny and learning about solar and hydro power. I think the kids just want to go fishing in the pond. What is Cordwood Masonry? Please click on the link to Daycreek or type Cordwood House Building into your search engine of choice. You're in for a treat! They describe it so much better than I could but we'll give you the blow by blow on the blog when the time comes, possibly in the spring of 2007, so keep checking back. What is a Doula? I am a birth attendant, providing labour and birth support as well as post-partum help to moms in the Comox Valley area. I have previously worked in Calgary for several years and am now accepting clients in BC. Please check the link below for It Takes A Village...Birth Services and have a look at the site for more info. It's a pretty basic site but of course you are welcome to e-mail me for more details and to ask any questions you have.

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