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Watchung Arts Center (1-4pm) best

(908) 753-0190

  Office Manager Weekdays: 1 to 4pm (908) 753-0190
Claus Cardinal President President of the Watchung Arts Center
Roger Seidel Treasurer

Scott Sheldon

VP-Performing Arts theshowbetinanimated.gif (1655 bytes) (973) 376-4946

Scott Sheldon

Folk Series (973) 376-4946
Ruth Siderman Classical Series violn.gif (6094 bytes) (908) 769-8132
Phil Hochman Comedy Series (908) 756-0057
Bruce M. Gast Jazz Series (908) 755-2483

Heinz Otto VP-Visual Arts   (908) 753-6291
Shelia Duyckinck Education VP (908) 561-6323
(908) 561-7323 fax
Florence Larkin Volunteers  


Ron Orenstein
Klaus Dieter Schleim
Florence Larkin
Joan Plasner
Renata Cardinal
Board Member

Nancy J. Ori

Michael Creem

NJ Photography Forum

(908) 790-8820
(908) 273-1672
Ross Wagner Unique Visions Photography Workshop   (908) 522-0020
  Editor newspaper.jpg (4148 bytes)Chords
Maureen Greenbaum Webmaster

(908) 753-9199
Brian Life Drawing artist.gif (4262 bytes) (973) 857-3098
Ravin Display Cases   (908) 352-8377
Monica Otero Children's Art (908) 769-4011
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Watchung Arts Center
18 Stirling Road on the Circle in Watchung, NJ 07069
(908) 753-0190
Central New Jersey's Home for the Arts

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