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The New Jersey Photography Forum holds its meetings monthly at the centrally located Watchung Arts Center. The purpose of the Forum is to share expertise and advance skills while providing access to creative and technical information. Simple presentations, examples and demonstrations are given, as well as an opportunity to display and critique work.

The New Jersey Photography Forum was started in January 1995 by Nancy J. Ori of Berkeley Heights and Michael Creem of Summit as an opportunity for professional and other serious photographers to meet and discuss their work, share expertise, advance skills and explore exhibit possibilities within the fine art community.

Our monthly meetings begin promptly at 7:00 pm with networking over a cup of coffee in order to foster open dialogue, sharing and camaraderie. At about 7:30 we gather in the main gallery for a formal meeting. At this time, there are numerous announcements regarding current issues for the group (planning exhibit activities, circulation of invitations to current shows by Forum participants, voting on issues for the future direction of the group, sharing available shooting assignments, group purchases of supplies, etc.) Immediately following the formal session, photographers wishing to participate are asked to present their photographs for critique. We expect everyone to bring professionally matted and mounted work, 5-6 pieces, no slides please, unless your medium is multi-image and you are prepared to show us a completed program. (We will need advance notice of this to allows you proper set up time and a scheduled slot in the evening program.) Work shown is not limited by subject matter, size, format, black and white, color or alternative processes. Each presentation and discussion lasts about 10 minutes in order to have enough time tot get to know each photographer and their work. Periodically during the year, we have devoted the evening to special presentations by manufacturers, curators, professional photographers, photo labs or demonstrations of new equipment or creative techniques.

There is not formal membership procedures other than a $3 charge at the door to cover the cost of mailings. We do encourage membership to the Watchung Arts Center to take advantage of the reduced rates to participate in exhibits or attend many of the other programs offered by The Forum or the Arts Center.

In addition to our regular meetings, we offer a number of photography workshops to improve skills, a lecture series to here experts from the fine art community, a traveling juried exhibit opening each year at the Watchung Arts Center and a chance to "learn by doing" if you get involved with our exhibition committee. For those who are interested in becoming an exhibiting artist, this is a very valuable learning experience.

If you have any questions or need this to be clarified any further, Contact:
   Nancy J. Ori at  908-790-8820
   Michael Creem 908-273-1672

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