Crafts this month: Ann Maloney’s Ceramics
and Lisa Brown’s "Children at Play"

The New Art Group in association with the Watchung Arts Center presents ENVIRONS

RECEPTION: Sunday, December 6, 1998 at 1-4pm

The New Art Group is proud to annouce its newest exhibition focusing on issues and ideas about the Environment opening at the Watchung Arts Center, Madison, NJ from December 1 to December 31, 1998. The opening reception will take place on December 6, 1998 from 1 - 4 PM.

Environs is an exbition which looks at the various perspectives on environmental issues which the members of the New Art Group have. The works capture some of the conditions, circumstances and influences affeting the develpoment of all life on the planet. Inside and outside, urban and rural, there is no place not impacted by nature's and humanity's influences. A special feature of the show will be a lower gallery exhibit using water as both metaphor and message about the environment.

The NEW ART GROUP is comprised of 7 working, professional fine artists covering various visual art disciplines. What makes the NEW ART GROUP unique is that it is a group of artist's unified by purpose rather than style. The GROUP was formed out of the members of the Visual Arts Committee whose function is to develop opportunities and implement exhibitions at the Watchung Arts Center featuring fine artists from all over the Northeast.

The name for the group was chosen for its association with turn of the century Vienna and the NEUEKUNSTGROUP, a group of artists, including Egon Schiele, who wanted to set themselves apart for their unique ideas.

The members of the NEW ART GROUP represented in the exhibition are: Paul Pinkman, Jim Fuess and Muriel Harris, painting - Frances Heinrich and Susan Ahlstrom, three dimensional, mixed media work - Nancy Ori, photography - and Thom Lynch surrealistic tableau. "As long as there are people on the planet there is a need to be aware of the affects humanity has on the nature world," comments Jim Fuess, Charter Member of the New Art Group and VP Visual Arts at the Watchung Arts Center, "As artists we feel a special need to communicate our reactions to these conditions and in so doing hopefully provide insight into what is beautiful and good about our relationships with the earth and what is harmful."

For more information about the New Art Group, please call Jim Fuess or Paul Pinkman.

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