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A little hand for the newbies-lamers here.

Find an msn messengers contact IP address
The only way i know to do that is to send to the contact a file while he is online , send him/her a photo or something else , doing that a peer-to-peer connection opens while your friend gets the file/photo no matter what it is , make sure that you have a DOS Prompt open (located at:start > programs > MS-DOS Prompt) and type the command: netstat while sending them the file and you will see a list in the DOS Prompt of all the connections your computer has that time , one of them must be your friend that is receiving the file.If i hear about an other easier way that you get it without sending files be sure i will post it here.

Find an IP though mIRC chat channels
There is the /dns nickname command in irc but some people use proxies or shells and you cant see their real address,how do you know if the user uses a web-shell or a proxy? well... guess that yourself while looking the ip you got from the /dns nickname command , make sure you check out IRC Scanner v1.0 by RG in our programming section and in IP scanners section , its the best and fastest way to scan the users in IRC channels.

Get your friends IP address by sending them to your page
Build a simple site in geocities or anywhere else , then go t and create an account , they provide free website statistics , add their code to your site and tell your friend to check out a cool page you just made , when he visits the page his IP will be logged in so after your friend visits your page check out your stats in and you will find the last 5 visitors at the left of the stats page , your friends IP included.