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~ People Under The Stairs ~

One of our biggest downfalls is we have had more faith in others before we have had the stronger faith in ourselves. This has caused us to move quite often. In 21 years we have moved to at least 8 different places, none of them being our own but instead rentals from others. The last place we have moved to is Under The Stairs of my Sisters house. That was almost 7 years ago. As much as we are desiring to move out & obtain a stable environment for ourselves I am quite sure my Sister is wishful for the same thing as well. ( otherwords : I am sure she wants us out!!! )
When we first moved to this area houses were running between $130,000 - $150,000, now those same houses are running $300,000 - $400,000. It is truly unrealistic how high the Real Estate Market has become EVERYWHERE. The reality of it all is we can not afford to live here & we can not afford to move away. We are stuck in a very uncomfortable middle.
My husband works an early moring to early evening shift. I ( this has changed! ) work a early evening to a late evening shift. We both have fairly stable jobs ( who can honestly say they have job security? ). My goal here is to clean up our credit, as well as start a Emergency Family Funds, which is something EVERYONE needs to have. Right now I am working on mine for I have the lesser damage. Once I clean up my credit I am hopeful to obtain a respectful & affordable note for a place that we can afford.

~ Who????? ~

I am a 41 year old mother who is very Blessed with three truly wonderful Blessings. I have been married to my bestest friend for 21+ years. He is presently working an early morning to early evening job. I recently quit an early evening to early morning job due to the major increase of the crime in the area we reside. Thou the money was helpful, my FAMILY comes first & foremost! We are trying to get things straight for us to clean up my credit so we may be able to apply for a loan to a house at a affordable rate.
I am not an individual seeking to enhance my breast.
I am not an individual who ran up their credit cards & asking you to help pay them off, then writing books about it all.
I am an not individual who will send you naked pictures of myself if you send me money.
I am not an individual who spent millions in a nasty divorce of their spouse. Then the community coming in & paying for my house & debt.
I am not an individual who is asking you to pay money to read about my "dating experiences".
I am not an individual who gets rude & nasty with you as claiming I am living such a horrid life. Then taking your money & going out drinking & partying.
I am not an individual making false claims about a child that is ill & needing medical care.
I am not an individual seeking to purchase a Hummer.
Instead I am an individual who has always been financially challenged & is rather frustrated with the system & situation (FYI: We do not receive any aid for any of the Systems organizations). I am a regular smoe who is seeking to clean up their credit so they can obtain a future for them & their loved ones. I am an individual who is requesting a boast up to get out from under these stairs & be able to move my family up & beyond. I am an individual who is tired of not having their own space. A yard for the children to play & grow things. A kitchen to cook & create in. Bedrooms for the children. A bathroom so we can take showers & baths. A house to make into a home. I am an individual who is tired for waiting for "our day" & it has never come about as of yet. I am an individual who wants the security of a safe environment for her children & her children's children. I am an individual who is desiring a space for us all to grow & expand in.

I am an individual who believes in the quote "It takes a community to raise ( & protect ) a child.". It is something I like to hold hope onto, that communities watch out for one another. I am holding on to the faith that there are others out there who believe this as well & will take a few moments to help.

National Low Income House Coalition.
National Low Income House Annual Report
"NLIHC's annual report on housing "affordabilitty" in every jurisdiction in the country."
Housing Maryland

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