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The John Williamson
discussion board
A fine selection of True Blues From all around the world

Some may call us mad or even recreationally challenged, but we don't really mind. We hang out at John Williamsons message board and discuss the meaning of life, world events, politics, beer,food and the inspiring music of our hero John Williamson, or J.W as he is affectionately know to us all.
We are a mix of cultures and nationalities which resembles the United Nations, but we have much more fun. Drop by sometime and see for yourself, just click the link above to be transported to the wonderland that is John Williamsons homepage, or be nosey and check out the regulars who frequent the site, you'll find them under their national flag.

                      Aussies                            Kiwi's                     Italians                 Americans

                                             English                                          Canadians


John Williamson has been described as an Aussie legend, and we have to agree, but he is so much more than just an Aussie balladeer. click on the picture below to view our John Williamson tributes.

although this website features John Williamson, it is in no way connected with John's official website. to contact the webmaster of the Rogues Gallery email Keith