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Traveling Wives Club

This page is for woman who travel with their husbands or significant other. This group is the idea of Marianne Kennedy and Frances Grantham. Our husbands are millwrights and we travel with them.

During our travel we have come across some areas that we feel our yahoo group will help a lot. We have found that we have been is the same R/V park or motel as other wives and did not know it. Or having to go to a town and did not know where to stay.

Our Yahoo group hopefully will help you in finding friends, places to stay, recipes or late night chats. This is a brand new group and the success of this group depends on active participation. Please sign up below to join are yahoo group and forward this link to family and friends so they can join too.

Let's work together and become friends and make this group very successful.

Click here to join travelingwivesclub
Click to join travelingwivesclub

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get this gear!

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