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Clan Race

Bacchant- n. A drunken, frenzied follower of Dionysus/Bacchus; God of Wine, Theater, and Lust.

STR +3, WIS -1, INT -1, CON +1, DEX -1
Haste, Fly, Passdoor
Belch: area attack skill
Drunken Frenzy: similar to berserk but stronger

[Negative Aspects]:
Must drink alcohol prior to using special skills
Get thirsty twice as fast due to alcohol consumption

Clan EQ

TKB Fraternity Pin (AC 14, INT +2, HR +16, DR+40)
TKB (!) ID Check Wrist Band TKB (!) (AC 14, DR +48, DEX +2, WIS +2, INT +2)

Clan Ranks:

Active Member
Pledge Trainer
Recruitment Coordinator
Executive Board Member
Public Relations Chair
Vice President

Promotions within the clan shall be made at the President's discretion, and kissing ass will only get you so far.

TKB Main