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Massage and Abuse

I have thoroughly read all the information that was handed out on abuse. A lot of the articles brought tears to my eyes. Before this class I wasnít sure that I would like to work with people that have had abuse in their life. But now I am very interested in helping with this type of past. I related very well with a lot of the information.

I understand that abuse most often comes from growing up in a dysfunctional family. A lot of times when you are exposed to abuse you learn it yourself. Many might end up hurting their kids like they were hurt. Although others may realize that this type of behavior is very wrong and go totally the opposite way. Like not spanking. Or even as bad as to not show love to their children cause they might think that others might think that they are molesting their children.

I donít believe that all people that abuse people have been in an abusive family. Maybe some people that have abusive ways canít handle their kids, so they donít know what to do when they are bad. You never really know. Maybe by watching friends some people think that they would want that kind of authority. This is a scary thing, although very real.

I feel that the affects that abuse causes are hard to comprehend if you havenít lived it. The victims can help their pain by seeking out help. When you are able to face reality instead of run from it, then that in itself is a big step in the road to recovery. I feel that if a person wants to understand why they are the way they are and want to be stronger then all they have to do is take that first step. When time has past since the abusiveness happened, then that helps with the stress of the abuse. It doesnít cure you, but it sure helps the pain not be so strong.

I donít think that we can stop abuse altogether in America. We are way past that. But I know we can help lesson it by getting involved in caring and understanding. If we suspect abuse is happening, we should report it to the right authorities. The children are our future. We need to be aware that abuse is all around us. And it's our job as Americans to help lessen abuse. If you are one that has been abused, and you donít want that to happen in your own family, then it is your responsibility to seek out help for yourself. Then you will be a much happier person. Then and only then you can stop the abuse in your family before it has time to take over your life.

Massage is very helpful for an abused person. With massage, your body will start to relax those tight muscles that may have been tight for many years. Physically you will feel better. It gives the person being massaged time to relax and take time for themselves. Massage can teach the abused person to understand that they are in control of their body. You may become more aware of emotions that you have held inside. Once you can remember what has happened, you can start to forgive and begin the healing process.

If you are scared to be touched, you can realize that there is a way to receive touch and not automatically think negative or feel that you have to do sex. It might take time for an abused client to relax and trust the therapist to touch them in a non-sexual way. Although with time and a caring and concerned therapist, trust is possible.

Darby Lee Schlomer

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