Introducing... Sarah Nicole

`me, myself, and I: This is my site, not yours. I say what I wish, how I wish, at whatever time I wish. I didn't get this site to satisfy nor to please the millions so please don't assume that it goes that way. Please come to this site with an pen mind and respect. I will not hesitate to disrespect you if you disrespect me in anyway. Show respect and get respect. that's the game. If you don't like my site or if it doesn't tickle your fancy, then please click the [x] in the top right hand corner and vacate the premises. Plus I don't give a fuck if you like me or not, because at the end of the day, when i turn my computer off, you cease to exist ;] Now to get to know me, my name is Sarah with a long list of nick names, the only one in use is PHOSSY Q or just PHOSSY. I'm a acrylic nail, stiletto boots, bleach box blonde chic. I'm thick, and proud. I have green eyes, and blonde hair. Indianapolis, Indiana, 4tre for life. I have one cat, and his name is Simba. I had a dog but my mom is !#%$# and made me give her away, so I gave her to my ex-bf[Jarrel], her name is Diamond . In Kentucky, I was born on January 16th so that makes me a Capricorn. Naturally dirty blonde hair, which I dye so much I’m surprised I still have hair. Eleven piercings; nose, tongue, ears x9. I'm 16, I take GED classes. Laughing is the best thing in the world. I make people laugh a lot, it’s just a great thing to do. I'm loud, but shy. I'll be blunt, or I'll keep to myself. I'll never be fake, and if I got something to say to you it will be said to your face. When it comes down to it I'm bout it. I hate people who lie to feel better about them self/make them self seem more important, or to get what they want for that moment. I trust little people. I befriend little people. Downtown is my spot. I don't drive, yet. I've done drugs, and I have drank. I hate the double standards of sex, it’s bullshit. I know girls can be sluttish, and a guy thinks “I hit her on the first night she is easy.” Whelp, sorry to burst your bubble slut, but she fucked you on the first night too, think about it. Girl Pimpology, please believe. Male’s can also be sluttish, so shut the fuck up before you call some girl easy or a ho, because most likely your more of the whore. Guy’s suck, and 99.9 percent in my view are whores. If you have a good one keep him. To all the guys that go threw me, fuck you. I hate you and I hope you contract an STD for every letter in the alphabet. Your stupid, and I think you should be dead. On a good note, there is a guy whose got my eye and yea.. my fuck boxes, all that’s going to have to stop. I hate racist people, and if you are let me tell you I do not respect your beliefs, they are fuckin’ retarded and make you seem like an ignorant ass fuck, and I don’t have time for simple minded people like you. I have a compulsive changing disorder, and ADHA. I'm crazy, and my mom said I can be psychotic, and have to be the alpha female... I can only be me, not what you want me to be.

`dislikes: Let me see the biggest pet peeve of mine is dirty ears. That shit is fuckin’ gross. Please if you are going to be around me clean your ears so I don't have to gag if I get close to you. Another dislike is stupidity, not the kind where you are having fun, the kind where your are being stupid of laziness. Double standards in the sexes, that shit is very fucked up. Anyone person who fallows that I believe you are stupid, and should die especially for a guy. If you were smart, you would look at the whole having sex thing, in two different points of views. Most are guys are whores anyways, yep I categorized you. Also I hate racsim, which some people are still dumb enough to be. I hope you fucking die, you make yourself look like an ass.

`best of the two: My best friend is Brittney. We became best friends this year, but we’ve known each other since the 5th grade. We’re crazy, and always together laughing and acting stupid sometimes. I wouldn’t trade her for anyone in the world, and we will ALWAYS be side by side. Fo’ Tre. Brittney there are some bad things that happened, and that we have over come that we will never forget. But in all honesty there are more good then there are bad, and those are the times that will be with us forever. Lil’ Stevo. And remember don't let liars and bitches come between you and Stevo. Those fuckin' tricks.

`school-job: I used to go to Pike High School, last semester, but not anymore. I was going to take GED @ Ben Davis High School... but why only get your GED when you can get job training too @ Job Core? So Next semester I will be going to Job Core downtown. How fun. I have no job, and I am a baller off my mama. Not really, I need a job, or else my phone will be [bye bye].

I take my pics when ever I please, except they are not to really please you. I wont take pics for you, nor get on cam, NOR show you more then whats here. Deal with it.


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These are the people I just had to let you know, I got madd love for: Brittney, Tasha, Brandi[my sister], Jesse, Brand, Christine, Damien[D-Money], Druan, Jarrel, Cameron, Meggan, Corie, Tree, Shelley & Austin, and Jeremiah.