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The Ginger Ale 2007

May 5, 2007 - Boston

Teams that participated in this year's Ginger Ale:
*Banbury Cross Morris and Sword
*Great Meadows Morris and Sword, including Candyrapper
*Green Mountain Morris
*Hopbrook Morris
*Maple Leaf Morris
*Mulberry Morris and Bubble Rapper

The 11th edition of The Ginger Ale included, for the first time, morning workshops on morris and rapper sword dancing. After lunch in Quincy Market, the participants got in performance mode.

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Stands took place at Waterfront Park, left, and City Hall Plaza.


Banbury Cross Morris

Bubble Rapper

Great Meadows Morris and Sword

Green Mountain Morris

Hopbrook Morris

Mulberry Morris

Maple Leaf Morris

Arboreal morris?


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