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The 10th Ginger Ale

May 6, 2006/Boston

Teams that participated in this year's Ginger Ale:

*Banbury Cross Morris and Sword
*Great Meadows Morris and Sword, including
--Candy Rapper
--Beside the Point
--Scrambled Six
--Fresh Blood
*Green Mountain Morris
*Hopbrook Morris
*Maple Leaf Morris
*Mulberry Morris

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The 10th Ginger Ale, fortunately, was greeted with (mostly) pleasant weather, and so teams gathered at City Hall Plaza for some meetin', greetin' and warm-up dancin' -- with the Big Apple Circus in the background.

From there, the teams broke up into two groups, one touring the Paul Revere Mall, the other Boston Common (below). Great Meadows, Hop Brook, Banbury Cross and Maple Leaf provided the morris, Candy Rapper and Fresh Blood the rapper sword dancing.

As always, morris dancers are the trend-setters when it comes to customized footwear fashion.

The jig "Princess Royal," for two.

"Bonny Green Garters" winds up the Boston Common tour.

Everyone reunited for the Winster Processional to Christopher Columbus Park. (Photo courtesy of Marty Wagner)

...and one more round of dancing.

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