The Ginger Ale 2005

May 7/South Station/Boston, Mass.

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Teams participating:
Banbury Cross Morris
Bubble Rapper
Hopbrook Morris
Mulberry Morris
Great Meadows Morris and Sword, with
-Beside the Point
-Candy Rapper

Not the most pleasant weather at all in which to dance (rain, wind, in the 40s), so we managed to get on track for an indoor venue this time, at South Station. No Midnight Special, no City of New Orleans, but we had a good time nonetheless.

Here's a clip of the teams doing the Winster Processional.

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(L-R) Banbury Cross, Beside the Point, Bubble Rapper, Mulberry

(L-R) Candy Rapper, Great Meadows (about to do the first dance of the day), Hopbrook

Some Highlights

Banbury Cross does "Saturday Night," a few hours early.

Hopbrook performs "Four Lane End."

Mulberry and Bubble Rapper join forces for a longsword dance.

Great Meadows singing the intro to "The Parting Glass," in three different groups.

An ad hoc Great Meadows rapper team, Deviled Eggs, made its grand debut, with an equally ad hoc percussion section (far right).

More Highlights, Less Narrative

(below)...and for those who simply could not get enough, some post-Ale pick-up rapper.

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