The Ginger Ale 2003

May 3, Concord and Sudbury, Mass.

This year's Ginger Ale was held in conjunction with the 2003 Musketaquid Earth Day Celebration in Concord, Mass. The teams took part in the kick-off parade, throwing in an occasional Winster Processional, and performed at the Emerson School (the Earth Day Celebration site), where they were joined by Orion Sword, and the Concord Library.


*Banbury Cross Morris and Sword
*Beyond the Fringe
*Great Meadows Morris and Sword, including
--Candy Rapper
--Beside the Point
*Green Mountain Morris
*Hopbrook Morris
*Maple Leaf Morris
*Mulberry Morris


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Parade and Winster.

(L-R) Banbury Cross, Beyond the Fringe, Orion Sword.

(L-R) Great Meadows, Hopbrook,Candy Rapper.

(Left) Beside the Point, (center) Mulberry.

(Left) Maple Leaf, (center) Green Mountain.

(Left) Dave Stryker Explains It All before the teams perform a massed dance.

(L-R) Everyone headed off to the Sudbury Town Hall to do some informal and just-for-kicks stuff, including the Flyswatter Dance, two different versions of "Princess Royal" at the same time and what may have been the world's biggest massed "Fool's Jig."

Then there was dinner, dancing and lots of relaxation.

Good night and joy be to you all!

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