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The Grim Wood

The Flesh Doll Herself!

Name: Hannah

Nicknames: Hann, Lou, Callista, Aurra

AOL Identity: scotland sylph or ladyFLESHdoll

Birthday: October 30

Location: My basement

Interests: web page making, dying my hair, my puppy,
drawing, faeries, star wars, lord of the rings
the 70's, movies, music - rock, photography, friends, some tv, scotland

Occupation: Student/Paint murals

Animals: Beagle-Female-Bailey, Rabbit-Lop-eared-Female-Sydney

Bad Qualities: weakling -not strong at all, I can be moody, procrastinator, etc...

Good Qualities: Nice, Caring...yeah

Likes: drawing, stripes, faeries, pixies, mushrooms, vampires, jake, bailey, hair,
nice people, music, star wars, posting, humid rain,
elves, canopies over beds, winter, frost, the 70's, otis, strawberries, south park,
guitars and such, sweet things, paint, bugs, black, colour,
mermaids, wings, autumn, magic, scottish accents, scotland, driving

Dislikes: mean people, rap music, country music, posers, hang nails, stepping in poop,
pee in the carpet, not seeing my friends, being
alone, little bratty kids, taking the bus, school

Role Models: My parents, Jake, my dog

Fears: being lonely, losing my best friend, my dog dying, murderers,
throwing away life

Colour: Crimson

Music/Bands: sevendust, kittie, staind, the smiths,
the cure, celtic, system of a down,
saliva, placebo, nirvana, marilyn manson,
jack off jill, flogging molly,
days of the new, disturbed, john williams
soundtracks, seether, bush, godsmack, siouxse and the banshees,
bjork, tool, lp, stabbing westward,
cirque du soliel - alegria, radiohead

Movies: Star Wars trilogy, Lord of the Rings trilogy,
A.I., Indiana Jones trilogy, Back to the Future movies,
Edward Scissor Hands, Interview with the Vampire,
Halloween, Face Off, Alegria

Season: Autumn or Spring

Don't take my stuff. 2003 Hannah Lou