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The Brazilian Cockroach Experience

We are The Brazilian Cockroach Experience.  We are of PŰrto Alegre in Brazil.  We are here to terrorize the waves of air in the Internet.  We are mean, the persons of evil that evacuate Brazilian cockroaches about big breasted women of sleep and we play our songs as much high as we are able to while we do this.  While we can not be able to evacuate cockroaches about you hot women with big breasts in the Internet, we are able to put our songs in the Internet for you to terrorize friends and the family with.

Longo vive As ExperiÍncia Brasileira De Barata!

News - We did an excursion of Uruguay evacuating Brazilian cockroaches recently and it did go really well.  Although PÍs broke a foot falling out the window, and we were busted almost by a pair of ugly and fat women of big breasts.  It was a good time, yes.

Email us in the Internet - - Salgado will try of to answer the email, but he is a man occupied and has many musical notes to think about.

Our Songs Now In The Internet

Nurses Are Sexy - This song is about the nurses in the hospital of Uruguay that Pťs went to go to after evacuating Brazilian cockroaches about a hot woman of sleep with big breasts and falling out the window.  Silly PÍs.  He is not a cunt as is The Boss, although.

The Boss Is A Cunt - The Boss is the man that sells us our Brazilian cockroaches, then we are able to evacuate them about the big breasted women of sleep.  He is a cunt because he does make us pay much for our cockroaches.  Cunt.

Napoleon Complex - This song is about you mean ladies who do not like the men.  There are some bad words in the song that children should not hear. And there are some sex words that people who do not like the sex should not hear either.