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                                                 Veterans Service Commission

                                                      604 South Shoop Ave.

                                                      Suite 270

                                                      Wauseon, Ohio 43567

                                                       (419) 337-9266

                                          E-mail us here


What is the Veterans Service Commission?

The Veterans Service Commission is a State Agency dedicated to aiding Ohio Veterans during

time of need. There are two distinct services the agency provides:

1. Assistance when dealing with the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Veterans Service Commission represents and assists veterans, family members and survivors when they apply to DVA for benefits, with special emphasis on Veteran Compensation Claims  and widows benefits.

2. Emergency Financial relief to eligible veterans and family members who have a demonstrated need.

Ohio is the only state that provides such comprehensive support and services to its veterans.

Each of the 88 counties in Ohio has a board of five appointed commissioners who administer the program for their respective county.

Funds for operating expense and benefits are provided through county real estate taxes.