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hacienda san antonio - hacienda sta. isabel

Hundred Years of Struggle for Land

The struggle for land in Hacienda San Antonio and Sta. Isabel has been on going for more than one century.

Various governments, from the Spanish conquistadores to the present neo-colonial government of Gloria Macapagal - Arroyo, denied the rights of the farmers to own the land that their forefathers developed and enriched. Blood has been spilled, militant actions have been waged just to protect their land against land-grabbers such as Cojuangco and for the government to recognize their ownership to the land.

Many bogus land reform programs have passed but no one has benefited from it.

The peasants continue their centuries old struggle. Their ownership to the land is again threatened by an attempt of Cojuangco-Dy tandem to expropriate the land for their own business scheme.

Their struggle continues . . .

We call on peasant and human rights advocates all-over the world to support their struggle.