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The word Taripnong is derived  from the Ilocano word that means assembly or refuge. Taripnong is an association of Metro Manila and nearby suburbs based advocates for the protection and development of the rights and welfare of the people of the Cagayan Valley Region. The organization promotes the cultural heritage of the region, endeavors to unite individuals for the welfare of the people of the region, and instills warm fellowship among its members.

Membership is open to individuals coming from the broad section of the people --- workers, youth and students, young professionals, church workers, academicians, urban poor, environmentalists, scientists and other individuals --- who support the struggle for genuine agrarian reform, promote human rights, espouse people-oriented regional development programs focused on the alleviation from poverty of the most marginalized sectors of the society.

With the qualitatively unchanged situation, Taripnong continues to provide services and support to the peoples of Cagayan Valley.

B R I E F   H I S T O R Y

Taripnong was organized in 1983 as an organization supporting Cagayan Valley farmersí struggle for genuine agrarian reform. The effort was initiated by a handful of young professionals from the region who were then working in Metro Manila.

The massive opposition of farmers to the land conversion scheme and land grabbing of the US-Marcos Dictatorship was confronted by the ever increasing militarization and heightened repression. Witnessing the gruesome conditions of the people and their unceasing assertion of their right to own the land that they till, the group felt the urgency for a collective effort in mobilizing people to help the affected peasant populace.

Despite the threats and harassments from the Government, the group remained undaunted as they were inspired by the gains of the peasants in the areas of Hacienda San Antonio and Hacienda Santa Isabel in Iligan, Isabela.

In just a few months, the organization grew in number and widened its concerns to cover the concerns of all the marginalized sectors of the region.

To date, Taripnong continues to serve the needs and aspirations of the people of Cagayan Valley as no qualitative change has occurred in the region despite the numerous changes in government leadership. Taripnong remains an organization of Metro Manila based individuals concerned with the multifarious issues of the people of Cagayan Valley.